A week after the Inauguration of Donald Trump, politically active women across America could choose to make themselves heard at two major rallies revolving around women's issues. They could attend a pro-choice, feminist march known as the Women's March or they could wait one week and attend the 44th annual pro-life, March for Life.

Some lucky few, such as myself, were able to attend both.

The marches had their similarities. Both marches were held in D.C. Both marches were heavily attended by women. And both marches attracted people from all over the country to participate. But each march was not made equal.

Being physically at the marches, it is easy to recognize differences between the two. In fact, some of the differences were downright stunning. Take a look for yourself, perhaps you will agree.

Young Adults at the March for Life

Drew Angerer/Getty Images


Young Adults at the Women's March

Joshua Lott/AFP/Getty Images


Examples of inclusion at The March for Life

Destiny Herndon-de La Rosa/New Wave Feminists, used with permission


Examples of “inclusion” at the Women's March



Signs at the March for Life

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images
Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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Signs at the Women's March

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Cynthia Edorh/Getty Images


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Attire at The March for Life


Attire at the Women's March

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Speakers at the March for Life

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Tasos Katopodis/AFP/Getty Images
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Speakers at the Women's March

by Araya Diaz/Getty Images
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Men at the March for Life

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Men at the Women's March

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The main reason for the 1st Annual Women's March.

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The main reason for the 44th Annual March for Life.


Only one march persuaded me to attend again.

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IntegrityImportant(124 likes)Sometimes words are hard to come by. But I'll try. The comparison between the two marches is stark. Regardless of one's view on abortion, it is obvious one march was non-inclusive and downright ugly. The second was calm, respectful and not ugly. The respectful march is almost a half century old. The nonrespectful march happened once so far. It will be interesting to see of that march occurs a second year.The participants of the nonrespectful march seem to think somehow that this is their America. Huh? Well let me point out loud and clear that they are not the only Americans. They are just the embarrassing Americans. Meanwhile, it is our America too. We are all in this together. So grow up. Give this President a chance. And finally, you do NOT speak for millions and millions of us. 
David Palanker(56 likes)It's obvious looking at the 2 marches, these people are from two different above ground, and one below....“Beware of the Liberal, for they are the Devils pawn. Shun them, for they will make a desert out of their home & yours"
Jim Coster(46 likes)  watching the pro-life march today I could not help but think about the contrasts between the "pro-life" marchers and the "women's rights" marchers of last week. the pro-life march today had no vulgarity in the signs being carried or the speeches made. not a single woman was dressed in an idiotic and profane costume. not a single speaker called for violence against anyone, not a SINGLE word of "HATE" was uttered. looking upon the two "protests" it is clear to me that the "feminist" march exemplified EVIL, ill-will, the WORST of human motivations and drives. the pro-life participants argued on behalf of "babies", "tried to persuade", tried to appeal to the "better angles" of humans. it seemed clear that not only was God absent from last week's women's march, the participants DIDN'T WANT HIM THERE!! the pro-life marchers? lots of THEM were walking around with "rosaries", praying as they walked. these two "spectacles" are a stark example of where America is in the year 2017. one march was dark, evil, vulgar, supported by atheists. the other march advocated "choosing life", "protecting the innocent", remembering that all humans are "children of God." yes, both "marches" revealed two very different paths America can take - one leading to "death", the other leading to life." the symbolism of these events CANNOT be overstated.