Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz — who was rumored to be on Hillary Clinton's Cabinet “wish list” for the position of Secretary of Labor — has responded in a bold way to President Donald Trump's executive order to temporarily ban travel from seven Muslim-majority nations.

In a letter to Starbucks's 150,000 global employees entitled “Living Our Values in Uncertain Times,” Schultz pledged the company's intent to hire 10,000 refugees within the next five years around the world.

Schultz opened his letter with an acknowledgment of the “confusion, surprise and opposition” brought on by the executive order and said that the Seattle-based company will not “stand silent” in the wake of the travel ban. 

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Schultz stated that Starbucks plans to start its process of hiring refugees in the United States, and that those who have served in the U.S. military as translators and interpreters will be the “focus” of the company's hiring initiative.

In a subheading of the same letter, Schultz stressed his desire to “[Build] bridges, not walls, with Mexico.” Starbucks, which employs 7,000 employees in its 600 stores across Mexico, has enjoyed a nearly-three-decades-long relationship with coffee-producing farmers in the country. The company is vowing to “help and support” Mexican customers and employees who may be affected by any future trade sanctions, taxes, and immigrations restrictions imposed by the United States.

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Starbucks currently has no stores in the seven countries listed in President Trump's executive order, but the company does have stores in several Muslim-majority nations including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Indonesia.

Schultz ended his message with a call for unity, concluding that the company seeks to “nurture the human spirit” in neighborhoods across the world: “whether that neighborhood is in a Red State or a Blue State; a Christian country or a Muslim country; a divided nation or a united nation.”

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Marianne Schultz(15 likes)To the CEO of Starbucks.......First of all:  GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!   This is NOT a "Muslim ban" as the MSM / Soros run groups would have you believe.  But I think you already know that.  Where, praytell was the "outrage" when then President Obama and his State Department did this in 2011.....for SIX months?  (Jimmy Carter did this too)  Further, why did you SUPPORT him and Hillary when they decided to try to bring down the government of Bashir Assad in Syria.....and were "gun running" weapons to ISIS?  THIS is part of what got Ambassador Stevens and the seals killed in Libya...another place where we should NOT have is now a matter of history.  His / their actions created the "Syrian refugee crisis".  Former Director of the CIA, John Brennan, publicly stated that ISIS had indeed inflitrated the ranks of the refugees, and they simply didn't have the means to vet everyone....esp those coming from countries with whom we do not have "shared information capabilities."  ISIS in Syria stole the equipment used for making visas, and have been using it to make FAKE ones.....  We have TWENTY-TWO terrorist training camps on US soil right now.  HOW MUCH MORE do you want here?     
@Legaltype(14 likes)I would say that I'm never buying coffee at Starbucks again, but I can't afford to buy it to begin with. 
Maria rose(12 likes)They can say wahtever they want but to be hired by an employer in the USA, one does have to have proper paperwork. I doubt Starbucks can just hire anyone without any paperwork. It will be nice if they help these people get documented by s[onsering them. I also believe that they won't hire people who can't understand what the customer is requesting. I can't see the PC gang tolerating getting their Starbucks prepared wrong without commenting. Yhey are already complaining they have to wait long on lines.