While most of America was sleeping off the effects of their Super Bowl revelry, President Trump was already awake on Monday morning, dishing out a scathing start of the week for the media:

It took fewer than two weeks for President Trump, according to Gallup, to reach a majority disapproval rating.

The president's quick sprint to majority disapproval happened quicker than that of any recent president: It took 936 days for President Obama to reach majority disapproval ratings, and it took 1,205 days for for President Bush.

The president then—in case anyone was unsure—reassured Americans that he's the one calling the shots:

President Trump's disapproval ratings come on the heels of a week that saw the Commander-in-Chief face increased scrutiny over his executive order on immigration, feud with the Australian Prime Minister, and defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Bowe(2 likes)Almost everyone I know, myself included, disapproves of Trump.  He lied his way into the White House and now he says the mainstream media is lying.  Who are you going to believe -- one bonified liar or thousands of journalists and pollsters?America was lulled into complacency before the election.  It ain't gonna happen again.  In two years, Democrats take over congress and begin the impeachment.  In four years, Democrats take back the White House.  Whatever horrible precedent Republicans set now, like stealing a Supreme Court seat, will be paid back in spades.  So Republicans, y'all need to stop setting horrible precedents.
@DroidEXACTLY RIGHT !............. has anyone missed what has been going on with the mainstream media and the pollseters in the last year and a half ???? They have been DEAD WRONG each and every step of the way.
IntegrityImportantA story I like to repeat: On Thursday evening before the Saturday primary in South Carolina, Lester Holt announced on the evening news that Cruz had pulled ahead of Trump in the polls. NBC even sent a reporter to SC to interview Cruz about how he felt about being ahead of Trump. Unfortunately for NBC, that "poll" was the only poll which showed such a result; Trump was way ahead in all other polls. As a result of the outcry, there was Lester Holt Friday evening announcing that Trump was leading in the polls as if he hadn't announced fake poll results the night before. Of course, we all know that Trump handily won the SC primary that Saturday.  I saw both reports with my own eyes.As @Droid points out, the polls were wrong for the election, always showing Hillary ahead and oftentimes favoring dems when polling. I suspect her internal polls told a different story since her campaign cancelled the fireworks. There is so much bias in the media that there is no way I will trust their polls again. President Trump, just know we have your back!