On Thursday, the Trump administration took a hit from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court, which was debating the president's executive order on immigration, ruled to uphold a lower court's decision to suspend the “travel ban.”

In fact, all three judges ruled against Trump.

Following the breaking news, Hillary Clinton decided to take a swing at the president.

The two-time Democratic presidential candidate tweeted:

Then came the reactions to Clinton's tweet.

Her attempts at the White House:

The electoral college results:

Democrats not believing in Hillary anymore:

And some personal shots:

But despite what appeared to be a win for opponents of Trump's executive order, there is still one more hurdle. The president was just as quick as his former rival on the “tweet button,” and he promised a rematch:

And the 9th Circuit court has a history of performing...poorly before the Supreme Court:

Really poorly:

Really, really poorly:

And a few even noted that people in any other profession would be fired if their success rate was so low:

If the case does go all the way to the Supreme Court, it's possible that Justice Scalia's empty seat could be filled before it is decided.

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@Droid(45 likes)There's a reason she lost ... or maybe dozens. Even with the mainstream media helping her campaign, and even with millions of illegal/fraudulent votes, and even with the (exposed) DNC corruption with Podesta, Wasserman-Schultz, and Donna Brazile; even with ALL of those factors she still lost... even with the primaries rigged against Bernie, and even with the debates and the election rigged AGAINST Trump, she STILL lost !!! ........... so at this point in time, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE" ??? ........ indeed, what difference does it make what she says ?? Even the democRATS, and the radicals, and the Anarchsists are fully aware she's a 100% certified pathological liar. Trey Gowdy's exchange in Congress with Comey really nails it; she lied about her e-mails, about classified information, about Benghazi; What a god awful person, married to a god awful person, with a god awful daughter, married to a god awful man, who is the son of an even worse god awful man. I want a country singer to see this comment and write a new country song about hilLIARy. .... the chorus could be, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?" ... in this case, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?, WHAT SHE SAYS, WE KNOW IT'S A LIE"
IntegrityImportant(30 likes)0-2 not good enough. This is Hillary gearing up for her 2020 run so she too can be 0-3! 
Jane Morrison(26 likes)Hillary is nothing more and nothing less than a delusional moron whose greatest claim to fame will be that she was also a total LOSER. She's a pathological liar who would have destroyed what was left of the fabric of this once great country being that she planned on opening our borders and delivering us the NWO the elephant eared moron who came before her helped create. The bottom line is that there are still many liberal idiots who think like they do in positions that will hinder our progress buut that too, will come to pass.