J.K. Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter” series, got into a Twitter feud with Daily Mail editor Piers Morgan.

Rowling once compared the stories about immigrants effected by the “travel ban” to ones she heard while working at Amnesty International about political prisoners under dictatorships.

So, after telling Morgan to “f*ck off” when he said President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration isn't a “Muslim ban,” Rowling was all in.

She called the moment “as satisfying as I'd imagined,” and the two battled back-and-forth on Twitter. The fight quickly escalated and users from all walks of life got in on the action.

“Gorilla Mindset” documentarian Mike Cernovich proposed a deal for the writer:

Host of the “Mark Kaye Show” offered 20 tickets:

One user wanted to “spread the wealth” among Hollywood:

A “GoFundMe” page might be coming:

Even people without the big documentary cash were willing to sacrifice for the refugees:

After polling 27,301 people, Cernovich called for Rowling to “tear down those mansion walls,” and appease the 92% who voted for her to accept his offer:

Rowling's Twitter has Scotland as her current location. In 2001, the author purchased a 162-acre property near Aberfeldy. “Killiechassie estate” has seven bedrooms in the main house, as well as an additional two-bedroom house, according to The Telegraph.

Rowling also owns a home in Edinburgh. The garden sprawls across the neighboring land that was previously home to a 17th-century house that the author had knocked down so she could expand, as reported by The Guardian.

Her Edinburgh home also features two “Harry Potter-esque” tree houses, according to a report by the Daily Mail:

The “Harry Potter” writer even had a “wall” of 30-ft hedges put up around her home to increase her privacy:

At the time this article was published, J.K. Rowling had not responded to Cernovich's offer.

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@Droid(26 likes)Same can be said about the NEW wall that Barrack Hussien Obama is building around his Washington DC mansion ............. same for Congressman Paul Ryan. In Texas we don't need those kinds of walls, because any intruder knows full well, that he will encounter a very heavily armed home-owner if he tries to invade the home. We have quiet peaceful neighborhoods, with no walls, and no security guards taking down your personal info. We have a great many visitors of all shapes, colors, and sizes. We have traditional family values, the Bible, and a healthy sense of "right vs. wrong" and we have a VERY low crime rate. Trump says this same thing using a short phrase, "peace through strength". ........... ALL the holly-weird leftists have very substantial walls around their multiple homes and villas. In their luxury multi-million dollar high rise condos in places like New York City, they have very tight security, complete with security guards, carrying ... guns!! Oh-my, I thought those should be out-lawed .... but only for the commoners and peasants.
Alethia Emeth(21 likes)A gofundme project to provide Airfare for "refugees" to relocate in Hollywood and Pacific Heights in Pelosi's estate is a great next step to expose the double standard hypocrisy of the Left.  Put me in for a donation.
@YANKEE7(20 likes)Katy Perry,  Madonna and all you liberal asshole actors and singers, how about taking in some illegals and refugees???? When it snows in hell...... Keep your God Damn mouths shut already, tired of all the bullshit!!!