It wasn't Tisha Heffron's first time, so when it came to having her second child, the mom knew what she was getting herself into.

But then the morphine kicked in...


And while still feeling the drug's effects, she actually forgot that she had given birth. Instead, Tisha thought she had been sleeping for a while.

Her husband, James, filmed himself trying to convince his wife that she hadn't been sleeping, but giving birth:

Once James told Tisha she had just had a baby, she couldn't believe it:


Tisha later exclaimed:

“TO WHO?!”

She even asked if she had given birth through her belly button. But when James explained how she really gave birth, Tisha felt compelled to make sure that the particular body part was still there, and even asked if her husband had one, too.

As Pop Sugar reported, James told Cater News that the hysterical conversation was his way of keeping his wife distracted, so that she wouldn't attempt to stand up and walk around.

Let just hope for baby Clay's sake — and older brother Jackson as well — that this is the only time their mom forgets she gave birth.