Earlier this year, it was revealed that the stars of TLC's “Little People, Big World,” Matt and Amy Roloff, had filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage.

And while Matt and Amy were worried about what their divorce would do to their farm and family, their four kids had reservations about how the divorce would affect their parents' social lives.

Back in December 2016, Amy and Matt's only daughter, Molly, admitted on the show that she and her siblings had fears that her parents would get lonely post-divorce. Then she learned that her mom was actually hosting 40 to 50 of her closest friends at a pool party:

“I think we all worried a little bit about our parents going through a divorce like that and you know, especially coming right as all of us are moving out, that's already hard for parents and I'm glad my mom is getting out.”

It turns out that Amy isn't just finding time to throw parties for her friends, but she's also putting some time into the romance department.

In a picture posted to her Facebook account, Amy revealed that she spent Valentine's Day with a new special someone named Chris Marek.

In the same “Little People, Big World” episode where Molly divulged her concerns, Amy also mentioned that she went on a motorcycle date with a male friend.

In talking about the motorcycle date, Amy admitted that it had been a while since she's been excited to do something with someone else:

“It's definitely been a long time since I've been really excited about doing something with someone. It's kind of nice, it's kind of great. It just puts a whole different perspective on life and it's really an adventure. He seems like a really great guy.”

The man behind the mysterious motorcycle date turned out to be the man Amy is seen holding hands with on Valentine's Day.

The 52-year-old shared another picture of her and Chris sledding together on the farm last month:

Amy and Matt are currently still living on their farm together, just in separate houses.