For most of her life, Susan Sarandon has been, in her own words, a serial monogamist.

She was married at 20 and later, had long relationships with others in the entertainment industry, like fellow actor/director Tim Robbins and director Franco Amurri.

But in a recent interview with PrideSource, Sarandon was asked whether or not her sexuality was more or less “rigid” these days:

“I haven't really had a large dating career. I married Chris Sarandon when I was 20, and that went on for quite a while - each of my relationships have. I haven't exactly been in the midst of a lot of offers of any kind. I'm still not! I don't know what's going on! But I think back in the '60s it just was much more open.”

Getty Images/Riccardo S. Savi

At 70 years old, Sarandon is apparently not afraid to admit that she may take a second look at her sexuality:

“Yeah, I'm open. My sexual orientation is up for grabs, I guess you could say.”

The politically-active Hollywood star has long been a pro-LGBT figure.

She had a role in the cult-classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” portrayed a lesbian encounter in the 1983 vampire film, “The Hunger,” and has championed LGBT causes in the past.

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She even had a short affair with “The Hunger” co-star, Philip Sayer, who would later come out as gay before dying of cancer in 1989.

“He was a wonderful actor. He passed away, but yes, he was gay, and we had a great relationship in every way.”

Sarandon can be seen playing actress Bette Davis, with Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford, in the upcoming FX limited series, “Feud: Bette And Joan.”