Bob Hoffman isn't the first man to discover his wife got rid of his favorite shirt.

But he might be the first to see his wife just as eager as him to get it back.

As KABC News reports, Bob had been planning for years to surprise his wife, Linda, with a dream vacation to Italy. After six years, he had saved about $8,000, all in cash.

Bob intended to take the trip after he retired. So to keep his secret, Bob stored the money in an envelope hidden in the front pocket of an old rust-red, button-down shirt.

Unfortunately, Linda Hoffman didn't know about the trip, money, or hiding place when she decided to donate some of Bob's old clothing. The red dress shirt found its way — envelope, cash, and all — into a bag of clothes Linda took to the Placentia, California, Goodwill location.

Screenshot/KABC News

It took two days for Bob to discover that his secret vacation fund (and his shirt) had disappeared. After he told his wife about the money, they raced to Goodwill in the hopes of finding the lost cash.

The sympathetic staff searched for the missing shirt, but couldn't find it. Disappointed, the couple resigned themselves to the fact that the money was gone.

Linda said they tried to look on the bright side. Though they couldn't go to Italy, at least the money would go to someone in need. She told KABC:

“We looked at it as if it was gone, that we hoped it would go to somebody to help that family out.”

Then, fortune smiled on the Hoffmans. The day after their unsuccessful search, Goodwill employee Caitlin Mulvihill found a pile of unsorted dress shirts. When Caitlin searched the mound of clothing, she found Bob's missing shirt — including the envelope and secret vacation fund.

Screenshot/KABC News

A grateful Linda told KABC it was “a miracle” the money was found. She added that the best part was witnessing the integrity of the Goodwill staff:

“I would say that it was honest people and what touched our hearts the most is how honest they were.”

Now the Italy trip is back on and no longer secret. A relieved Linda told KABC she's ready for the vacation:

“We should go immediately. Thank you, Lord, but thank you, Goodwill.”