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Unintended Racism: The 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest is Pretty Confused About What Immigration Means

Getty - Drew Anthony Smith

On Thursday, February 16, thousands of Americans observed “A Day Without Immigrants.” The day was intended to prove that immigrants were not all criminals and “bad hombres,” but integral parts of a functioning society.

But as people took to social media to voice their support of the event, some of their comments went a bit ... sideways. While they clearly meant to say that immigrants were the backbone of America, what they ended up saying was a little more racist than supportive:

And a number of critics pointed out the fact that no one is anti-immigrant — what many have a problem with is illegal immigration:

And a few responded with one simple question: “After we are done with a #DayWithoutImmigrants, can we have a #DayWithoutProtesters? Just one?”

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