During campaign season, actress Susan Sarandon — an avid Bernie Sanders supporter — made headlines for her vow to never vote for Hillary Clinton and her “record of corruption.”

While Sarandon ultimately wound up endorsing Green Party candidate Jill Stein, it didn't stop a number of fellow celebrities for 'blaming' her for Trump's victory over Clinton.

On Wednesday, the actress appeared on MSNBC's “All in with Chris Hayes,” the same program where she once suggested that a Trump presidency would be a good thing for liberals because it would “bring the revolution immediately.”

There, she soon found herself once again fighting suggestions that she had played some role in Trump's electoral victory — and things got tense quickly.


It began when Hayes asked the actress:

“Do you feel like you properly appreciated what a Donald Trump presidency would be?”

Sarandon — appearing alongside documentary filmmaker and 2016 Democratic Party platform committee member Josh Fox — was in no mood to take the bait:

"What we have to do now is spend our time and energy focusing on how to fight what's going on. And so when people are attacking me or trying to say this could have happened ...

Really? That's where we want to spend our time and energy?"

For good measure, Sarandon followed up by asking Hayes, “I mean, you’re a journalist You consider yourself a journalist, right?” and proceeded to tell the MSNBC host that he needed to do a better job of helping “people understand what's happening.”

It's not the first time that Sarandon has hit back at those who've held her 'responsible' for Trump's victory, including just days after his election:

A few minutes later, however, Hayes once again tried to get the actress to answer whether this was what she “expected” from a Trump administration.

Rolling her eyes, a clearly frustrated Sarandon responded:

“What is the point of even saying that? [...]

Can you look me in the eyes and tell me you are doing your job to cover these issues completely? We don’t need to have a conversation about my imagination about where Trump was going to be."

To be sure, many Democrats seem to have had a difficult time coming to terms with Trump's election and have been searching for something — or someone — to blame for their candidate's loss.

As Sarandon suggests, however, the party might just be better served by reacting to the world as it is, rather than what they might have “expected” it to be.

See the full MSNBC interview with Sarandon, which gets tense on more than a couple of occasions:

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