Immigrants across the United States took to the streets to participate in “A Day Without Immigrants” protest Thursday, taking off work or school to send a message to the White House.

“A Day Without Immigrants” challenged people to stay home from work, school, close their business, and not to shop through a flyer that was shared online to showcase the importance of immigrant workers in America.

The protest was in response to President Donald Trump's executive order, which initiated a 90-day travel ban on citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries from coming into the United States, as well as a 120-day ban on refugees and an indefinite ban on Syrians refugees.

Dozens of popular restaurants around the Beltway stayed closed in solidarity with their employees, and even a few Washington charter schools cancelled classes.

Maria Sanchez, a community leader at a rally in Clark Park in southwest Detroit, told USA Today:

“The goal for today is for the president to notice how important immigrants are for the country and for the economy and how bad it would be for the economy if immigrants weren’t in this country.’

In addition to the school and work absences, marches took place in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and several other cities.