Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen met in October 2015 at Project Walk, a paralysis recovery center in Carlsbad, California. Todd had come all the way from Ohio hoping to regain some function in his body after a 2014 dirt bike accident.

He immediately noticed Amanda, who was working there as a therapist, and began addressing her as the “cute therapist.”

According to their entry in Brides magazine (to win a paid-for wedding), Amanda also noticed how handsome Todd was, but decided not to act on it in order to remain professional.

She told People:

“I was first drawn to Todd’s good looks! I thought he was a total babe. I’m also drawn to his sense of humor, and ability to put on a happy face despite the struggles and huge life-changing event he has endured.”

Thankfully, she said, Todd mustered up some drunken courage on Halloween—the same month they met—and asked her out. The two clearly hit it off, and when Todd finished his therapy the summer of 2016 Amanda decided to leave her life in California and move back to Ohio with him.

Now, Todd works a desk job in accounting while Amanda is a social worker for people with developmental disabilities.

Amanda says their relationship is still as fun as it ever was:

“Todd and I are constantly cracking each other up. We think we are the funniest people we know (and it's totally true). The joy he brings me is unexplainable and he is my best friend.”

Although doctors told them that because of Todd's injury conceiving a child naturally would be near impossible, the couple recently found out incredible news:

Todd and Amanda shared their exciting news in a way that felt true to them as a couple: hysterically.

Amanda told People:

“It was great, we’re so goofy, and we wanted something to portray our relationship. I had looked a ton on Pinterest, but there aren’t a lot of ideas for those in a wheelchair. I stumbled across one where a dad was holding a sign that said 'I did that,' so it gave me the idea to write, 'It still works.'”

And great it was.

Their post quickly went viral, with over two million views in four days...

Because they didn't think getting pregnant would happen so soon, Todd set up a pregnancy announcement photoshoot and a surprise proposal all at the same time.

Amanda told People that both were a shock to her:

“We thought we’d need to look into devices or doctor visits or maybe even IVF. We definitely didn’t think it would be able to happen naturally! It’s totally different for anyone with a spinal cord injury. Todd does not feel it when stuff is going on, but is occasionally able to reach climax.”

Amanda wrote that despite Todd's life being a struggle every single day, he still gets through the mental and physical pain with a smile on his face. She admires his strength, and the love they share makes it all worth it, telling People:

"Of course, it’s tough on me sometimes, not being able to stand up and get a hug from the person I love most, or be able to walk around in public holding hands or go running on the beach together.

But honestly, the love that Todd and I have for each other is something I wouldn’t trade for the world."

The two found out on Valentine's Day that they're having a boy, and hope to win the bridal magazine contest to be able to have their dream wedding in California where they first met.