Former Obama and George W. Bush Secret Service agent Dan Bongino promised “Obamagate” would blow wide open this week.

He’s referring to the allegation that the Obama Justice Department wiretapped Trump's phones during the campaign:

Though it’s not in the headlines of any major newspaper, Bongino has a scenario that he said rings true to him, as a former Secret Service agent:

“[It] makes total sense, but, of course, the media’s not interested in the story because they want to find fault with Trump.”

Bongino suggested that reporters might be missing this important element of the story. President Trump got the claim rolling with his explosive tweets on Saturday, March 4:

In a Facebook video, the conservative writer and radio host said the major media assume only two scenarios are at play:

“The suggestions out there that if Trump Tower was in fact wiretapped by the Obama Administration Department of Justice, that, if Trump were to find out about it — and [Senator] Ron Wyden suggested — either Trump pressured the FBI to tell him about it, which would be against the rules, or, number two, Trump is lying.”

But he says those two options could be false choices.

He suggested a third:

"But nobody’s considering the third option — at least not that I’ve seen...

The Secret Service does ECM sweeps, electronic counter measures, where they go in frequently and look for listening devices, radio frequencies, all kinds of things to make sure to make sure the president or president-elect is not wiretapped or listened in on on specific phone lines.

Now, I don’t know this for sure, but, if Trump’s accurate, and he was being wiretapped, I sincerely doubt he walked into the FBI and said ‘tell me if I’m being wiretapped.’ That’s illogical and ridiculous. He’d be causing all kinds of problems for himself."

He conjectured that, at some point, Trump’s Secret Service detail found the bugs in his office at Trump Tower:

“What may have happened is that the Secret Service may have in fact detected — the Secret Service and the military does this for the president when they look for electronic monitoring — they may have discovered something and that may have caused a ‘hmm’ storm, starts with an s, ends in a t and there’s a hit in the middle, may have caused a storm there, if you get what I’m saying, and they may have, in fact, had to clear this up and say, ‘hey, daddy-o, who’s the one with the listening device in the Tower?”

Bongino seems to think that the media have tunnel vision on this issue. They can only see what they want to see: that something is wrong with Trump:

“They’ve never considered a third option that he had Secret Service protection, that he’d had a ECM sweep done to check for bugs. The FBI is not going to tell the Secret Service if they’re monitoring the president-elect.”

Trump has asked Congress to investigate. So far, there’s been no official confirmation about a bug or wiretap being discovered by Secret Service.

Obama insiders have revealed the former president is “furious” and “livid” about Trump’s allegation.