A happy nine-year-old boy felt safe and loved his whole life, but the law proved to be stronger than love this time.

He had his whole world taken away from him in the blink of an eye when the only people he knew as his parents were forced to give him away. Now they are all feeling the pain and fear of being separated from each other, according to Christian News Today.

The British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development chose to remove the young boy from foster care to live with his birth mother after being placed in the foster family's home when he was seven months old.

Canada's Global News reported the child's foster father, identified as “John,” tried his best to make the boy feel better as he was taken away:

“We love you more than anything in the world. Make sure you use your words because your words can be powerful.”

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The nine-year-old boy was heartbroken when he was removed from his home. He refused to go with his birth mother, pleading with her to let him stay with the foster family:

“If you love me, you’ll leave me where I am.”

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The child who called John “Daddy” was gone. He described the moment the boy was separated from him and his wife to Global News:

“It was more crushing than anyone will ever know. When you see a child — that all he knows is the house he was brought up in for almost nine years — being taken away.”

The one thing that made the nine-year-old and the foster family feel better was the promise they could stay in contact with each other. What was meant to calm everyone's fears soon became terrifying for the foster father when the child sent him an email saying “HELP.”

John could not get an answer when he tried to reach the boy to make sure he was okay. John said:

“I was forced at that particular time to call 911. He had, in his message, said, ‘I am home alone,’ and he’s underage. That should never happen. My biggest fear is something may happen to him.”

The foster parents were cut-off from speaking to the boy after that happened; even the two phone calls per week they were promised have been withheld. Now, they have not talked to the boy they raised in six weeks. Through his tears, the worried foster father said, "Daddy loves you. Be strong.”

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Worried and afraid, the foster parents feel like the system has let them down. The pair has fostered about 50 children, with the majority of their foster kids already transitioned back to living with their birth families.

Trisha Myers, manager of issue management with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, addressed the foster parents' concerns:

“In cases where foster parents don’t feel like they’re heard by the ministry, there are protocols they can go through and people they can talk to to get further information within the system.”

The nine-year-old boy's biological sister was also returned to her birth mother after being raised in the foster care system.

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Martha Dittman(18 likes)Exactly why more people do not want to become foster parents.  Nine years - comething wrong with this picture.  If the mother could not get her stuff together in less than 9 years, there is a problem and I would bet is still has not been solved.  Quit messing with the minds and lives of these children.
Donna Melton(16 likes)Speaking as a past foster kid I understand the foster parents and the childs concerns. Its not right or fair for this boy and his sister to be  jerked around like they are being . They need the comfort of the voice of their foster parent's.   
Toni Girlinghouse(10 likes)We are having to give Our Grandchildren back to their Mom after 3 years, age 9, 10, they dont want to go, after all the abuse, moving home to home, from their abusive dad to other men, and being abandoned twice, we fought and fought in court, but Supreme Court says as long as parent can show a job, house, car, food, they go back, Grandparents  rights less and less. Children were so happy here! I feel so bad for them, the 17 year old doesn't have to go back he will turn 18 before school is out! And, he feels bad for his siblings, the youngest has been diagnosed with Anxiety and PTSD , and abandonment issues. Poor guy, NO ONE WOULD READ THE CHILDREN'S LETTERS THAT THEY WROTE THE JUDGE, NOR LISTEN TO THE OLDEST ONES STORIES, NOR THE OTHERS STORIES, THE Child Services did nothing when the 10 year old told them her dad was touching and messing with her and she told her Mom, and her Mom said, BULL POOP,! And psychiatrist  said it was true!! Sad isn't it! Makes me sick!!! I hate the system, We can only Pray we get them at Christmas and Summer, and 2 calls a week. Their Moms refuses to admit what's she's done in our court ordered Family counseling sessions, Tells everyone that she never abandoned her kids for 5 days when she left suicide  notes, abandoned cat, we put posters out, Police looking for her, 6 days later after we went to get kids got emergency custody she shows up with ex has her ex in laws  kidnaps little ones throw them in trunk, we get them back, but in her mind still to this day with NEW RICH MAN, NEW JOB, THEY ALL BELEIVE WE KIDNAP KIDS AND SHE'S NOW GETTING THEM BACK, SEE ITS ALL ABOUT HER NOT THE CHILDREN, SOME PARENTS ARE SICK! WHY WON'T ANYONE LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN!!!! SO SAD FOR ALL CHILDREN! STUPID SYSTEM!!!