When MSNBC host Rachel Maddow released two pages of President Donald Trump's 2005 tax return, many expected him to be angry.

And while the president did take a swipe at MSNBC:

The reality was that her “bombshell” turned out to be a bit of a dud. Even Geraldo, who once delivered the disappointing contents of Al Capone's vault — a gin bottle and an old road sign — took a few jabs at Maddow, saying he'd passed the mantle on to her.

But if the president's response was predictable, Donald Trump Jr. delivered the unexpected — sincere thanks:

The two pages that Maddow released (which revealed income of $153 million and taxes in the amount of $38 million) flew in the face of the ongoing media narrative that President Trump was either not as wealthy as he had claimed to be or that he had avoided paying his taxes.

And Trump Jr. noticed:

No, he really noticed:

And he thought, what would make America greater than a political cartoon documenting the whole mess?

Which he received...

Trump Jr., who responded in similar fashion to a recent SNL sketch poking fun at his brother, has proven on a number of occasions to be willing to poke fun at himself, as well.

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@Droid(30 likes)Ever since he rode down that escalator and announced he was running for President, the mainstream liberal media and the pollsters have been WRONG !!! ......... WRONG on every single thing ............. WRONG each and every time. ............ Also, if you were add up ALL the business taxes, real estate taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes, Federal withholding taxes, FICA, Social Security, Medicare, city taxes, county taxes, state taxes, and so many other forms of tax that gets added in to so many things he buys ..... I bet that $38M would easily be more like $238Million in taxes. Trump pays taxes, "very big-ly", both directly and indirectly. AND then if you consider ALL the taxes paid by ALL of his employees, Trump is most likely responsible for about half a BILLION $$$$ in taxes annually. That's not to mention the charity he gives. ..... Now, remember Hillary's famous quote, "Don't ever let anyone tell you that, Ya know, businesses and corporations create jobs"............... is it any wonder she is viewed as being totally out of touch ??? Is it any wonder she lost big-ly ?????
IntegrityImportant(24 likes)LOL to Don Jr. sense of humor and great cartoon. He says no but we can hope Don Jr. runs for office himself someday. He'd be perfect!
Maria(24 likes)I love that Geraldo passed the torch!! I love that all the libtards are crying in the corner again!! Hahahahaha I love the cartoon of the grenade!! Thank you Americans for making America great again!!