There has been much speculation about the sex lives of former TLC star Josh Duggar and his wife Anna since he was removed from television series “19 Kids and Counting” in May 2015.

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The Duggar family stopped talking about their eldest son after his molestation charges and reports of infidelity were published. TLC even took drastic measures to hide Josh's face during younger sister Jinger's wedding. But, on Friday, the family was quick to announce Josh and Anna's latest news on the family website.

The post began:

“For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family. Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust.”

Though it hasn't been easy for the couple, they have worked hard to remain good parents for their children. They were also excited to announce the news of another Duggar baby:

“As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year.”

They wrote that “beauty comes from ashes” and that they hope to use the new pregnancy as a chance for the family to rebuild, one day at a time.

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Josh and Anna married in 2008, which is the same year that “17 Kids and Counting” first premiered on TLC and two years after the sexual abuse took place. They currently have four children together.

Anna was pregnant with her fourth child, Meredith Grace, when the the news of her husband's sexual abuse and infidelity went public. She told TLC in a short interview after the scandal broke:

"It is such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we're walking through, and it was hard. It was hard to realize that it was such a public thing, and so not only was it a betrayal against me, but it was also a betrayal for those that call themselves Christians, because here we were as a Christian couple, everyone was able to see us get married and to vow before God to be loyal to each other, and that loyalty was broken.”

The Washington Post reports that Josh publicly apologized for “wrongdoing” and resigned from his job at the Family Research Council. But it was never clear how the scandals would ultimately impact his family life.

Earlier this month, the Duggar family first broke their silence about Josh when they posted a photo of him and his family in celebration of his birthday. On the post they wrote, in part:

“We love you, your amazing wife and sweet children [...] this year is a wonderful year for you and your family.”

It may have been a tough two years for Anna and Josh, but it's clear they have intentions to keep working on their growing family.

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blueangel(2 likes)Please make this Entire Duggar Family GO AWAY!! Ugh 
Danielle Whitus(2 likes)Wonder What you would think if someone said that about your family miss blueangel... good grief...
KrisJosh duggar has been molesting children since he was a 14year old child himself, starting with his own sisters. Family. (DISGUSTING and demented, but not necessarily ill)  it's only a matter of time before he turns the table on his own kids, and his kids friends.. he's an immoral hypocritical  injustice to God, men, brothers, fathers and sons alike.. not to mention women and children.. I've known porn "addicts" before (they're really just junkies because that's what they want, not what they need) they never change and it doesn't go away. Because they don't it want to. They just learn how to hide and conceal it better so to get away with their sleazy deplorable deliusional deceitful ways behind the backs of those who thought they could love let alone trust them.. if they can "learn" how to alter their habit enough to suit them and their wants and Desires so it stays hidden so they can continue on unnoticed , then they can "learn" how to walk away from it.. child molestation is a far cry from "cheating and porn addiction" (but that's the goat he chose to scape on so, nope that is not a mental illness. It's plain perversion and lust but if he won't admit to that then I'm calling him out on his conscious decision to chose the things he's "so sorry" for. Oh be still my bleeding heart, it aches for you Josh, oh innocent one) All that really is is desire. Everyone knows we don't Need to give in to our desires.. desire is a want, not a need... I've known real addicts before too, the drug and alcohol kind.. that's something addictive that does takes over. it's a chemical dependency with very real withdrawals also eventually taking everyone around u down with u as well, with horrific consequences and circumstances... Porn "addiction" has that glaring obvious fine point of real addiction  missing, I've never seen someone WITHDRAW from not getting visual stimulation to get their rocks off . Never seen one become PHYSICALLY ILL because they didn't "get off" on time after the last time they did wears off. never seen one that couldn't "get off" without a pornstar present... Anna it's a sweet thought to think there's ways to work thru and save ur marriage, more power to yaI guess? But Anna needs to realize she is directly putting all her kids in the line of fire.. some say it's a sickness what these perverts are, while it really is simply just their deranged way of cheating and "thinking" because that's truly what they just wish to do.. if u do truly love someone, are capable of loving someone, besides yourself and your dick, then hiding, hurting, harming and devastating those people should be first and foremost important enough for u to step back and take a look at urself and realize Hey, I need to stop doing this.. Is this smut really worth it? My wife, my kids, my family's namesake for cryin out loud! Am I even worthy to be loved by these people the way that they love me?.. Do I even love them? (No, u don't U don't cheat on someone you love) Love is not putting the ones u claim to love in a position of emotional trauma and distress. Ever. Especially not for some cheap shot thrills like tits and ass.... The world is controlled by sex, yea it's everywhere, easy access, just look to ur left side then look to ur right. Look up and look down. Well shit there it is every which way you looked. (and now the deviant variations today is on the high rise, Hey I decided that I'm gay today. Hey I decided that I'm not a girl anymore today, I wanna be a boy now. Pu-lease. 90% of the population just SUDDENLY  became LGBTQUEER. Mmmhmm yea ok sure. 20 years ago u could maybe find 1 perhaps 2 in a crowd of say 300?) Anyway just because the world has been consumed by sex Doesn't mean or give a husband (or wife) the audacity to fall into the trap or give in to it then blame it on the world around them... you either have standards and a respectable moral compass and code, and love the ones u chose to be with and create more people with, or, you don't. Easy peasy.. Ashley  Madison alone is an incompetent inconceivable irresponsible complete sickening disgrace. Hey who wants to secretly cheat on their spouse?Here's how, comeon over! Pay up on ur familys dime first tho!... The things people do to make a buck or a million these days is sick and twisted no holds barred and why is this legal??... This "man?" had two separate accounts for cheating hookups so he could fuck them in twisted nasty different ways that his super Christian family nor wife would approve of.. so why marry her? Why on earth put her and 4 small children thru such humiliation pain heartache and torture, and that's just for families that aren't even in the public spotlight! It's flat out knowing the difference from right and wrong and having a conscience. If ur legally sane enough to know that this needs to be hidden and secret, then u are legally sane enough to know that its flat out wrong! This mental illness bullshit has been used up and played out Way too long... it's a pathetic scapegoat. If u want to use that as an excuse and blame to cover ur ass, then honestly going down that route and looking through that glass, then well hell, we ALL have some sort of mental illness!! I don't like chocolate, well shit, I guess I'm some type of textbook definition of mentally ill! I like too much chocolate, well shit, I'll still be damned cuz also there's a terminology definition under mentally ill. I love all animals and adore dogs, but I don't like cats, hmmmm there's something wrong with me.. I'm sure there's a book out there that says there's something in my brain thats imbalanced and affecting me like so. Where does it end? I love my spouse but I want to screw someone else, and so I do. And I pay them for it!..  I love my sisters but I want to touch their private parts while they're sleeping, and so I do.. I love my kids but...... I just really hope he never gets the opportunity and those kids never have to experience the depraved desires, actions, Wants and capabilities of their "Not?mentally ill devout Christian father".. If Anna could justify it and let it go, and let him re-re-re impregnate her then hot damn he's fixed! It's a miracle!! The fucker is a child molester plain and simple. It's coming back to bite them in the ass.. this time it's gonna be those poor kids asses hes biting tho.