While it is the Twitter habit of the current occupant of the Oval Office that gets the most attention, one of the unsuccessful candidates from 2016 loves opining on social media almost as much.

The other populist from this past election year, Bernie Sanders (I-VT), is also fan of using Twitter to speak directly to his supporters. Sanders has over ten thousand tweets, and has, on occasion lashed out at our new president.

On March 18, Sanders opted to spend part of his weekend lecturing Americans who dare to dream big when it comes to money:

How any individual defines “wealth” is, of course, subjective. For example, Bill Gates may not think that a man who can afford to spend almost $600 thousand on a vacation home is wealthy.

But social media is composed of more than just Bernie supporters. The Blaze reported that many on Twitter were quick to point out that Sanders might be hypocritical:

But according to Twitter users, the comments come off as lacking self-awareness, given that Sanders is the owner of three homes, most recently purchasing a $600,000 lakefront property in Vermont last year.

This despite being a government employee and public servant for the majority of his adult life. In addition, Sanders only paid a tax rate of 13.5 percent in 2014, a very small rate considering that he is a relatively wealthy man — compared to the rest of Americans — and routinely argues that the wealthy don’t pay their “fair share.”

Sanders' concern for the poor was called into question:

One Twitter user explained the senator's embrace of socialism:

This was the most frequently asked question:

Here is perhaps the best response:

Senator Sanders didn't respond directly to any of the criticisms, and instead returned to  criticizing President Trump.

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Uh Sure(24 likes)I heard him in a committe meeting recently say " a person making minimum wage, 40k/yr cant afford daycare" this was at the DeVos hearing - since when is minimum wage 40k/yr?!?? Clueless rulers
IntegrityImportant(21 likes)So Sanders recently paid $600,000 for a lakefront property and paid a lower tax rate than most of the middle class yet he rails against wealth. I'll figure it up someday but it took me a few years to make what he paid for his lakefront property. The clever comments from Twitter is worth a read regardless of one's opinion about this recent house purchase and his hypocrisy!! I do wonder about his criticism of the President. That too seems hypocritical. Oh well.
Kelly (19 likes)Ok Bernie...What have you done in your personal life to help the poor...not under your job duties? Ever drive the elderly to their appointments, become an Ombudsman for an area nursing home, be a volunteer on a ambulance or fire engine in your community for 20 years, be a Sunday School teacher??? My husband and I are an ED doctor and nurse and have done all these things as volunteers. We came from poor families and worked our way to where we a today so I do not feel guilty about my income. We make a comfortable living of 300K (gross), own one house, two children, vacation every two years, and pay a 39 % tax rate since Obama took office!!!! Your 13% tax rate makes me so angry! But back to my point...So tell me what have you done in your personal life to help ?