During the 2016 election, a number of President Trump's opponents expressed concern that the businessman-turned-politician was not only not conservative, but that he was a fascist.

The comments flooded Twitter:

And since the Inauguration, the concerns have continued:

But it was a bit of a shock when pundit Ann Coulter — who endorsed Trump very early in the race — announced during a segment with Judge Jeanine Pirro that the critics had been right: that under President Trump, fascism has come to America.

But then she clarified that, while she was serious about fascism coming to America, it was coming from the courts that were blocking the president's legitimate orders rather than from President Trump himself.

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Jim(59 likes)Oh No!  Trump wants every American Citizen to have a job that pays a living wage, every American company to be profitable, every American to feel, and be, safe in their comunities and houses, be able to afford to send their kids to college where they are not taught that socialism is the answer, every child to have the benefits of an education that makes sure that they can read their diploma and do the simple math we use every day, have the ability to buy an affordable health care plan they want, go to a doctor who doesn't need to charge 150.00 for a visit just to cover their Malpractice Insurance bill, and to be protected from Lawyers who get multi-million dollar judgements because the operation that saved someone's life left a scar.   Somehow, that doesn't sound like Fascism to me.
Jack(50 likes)This list of what constitutes "fascism" is cleaverly taylored to make Trump look "bad", but fascism is a whole lot more than an empahsis on "nationalism", or believing a country's military should be supported, or that law and order is imprortant.  Who doesn't want to have pride in their own country?  Who thinks their military should be easily defeated in war?  Who wants to live in a society where crime is rampant and largely unpunished?Anyone who has lived under true fascism isn't fooled by this silly list.  No one is being arrested for criticizing the government.  No one's being shot for dissent.  The Constitution isn't being scrapped.  A fascist leader isn't someone who "tweets out" whatever he wants.  It's someone who kills you at his whim.  Learn the difference. 
Jim(49 likes)Most of those commenters don't even know what the word Fascism means.  They just use it because the press threw it out there to describe Trump.  They conveniently ignore the 8 years of Obama where he and his party re-wrote the entire Health Care system in the country to suit their goals, and spent 10 Trillion dollars more that they took in, and we have nothing to show for it.