One of the “Women’s March on Washington” and “Day Without a Woman” organizers, is being kicked out of the United States.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh failed to disclose on her U.S. visa form 20 years ago that she was convicted of murdering two Israeli students in a supermarket bomb attack and for an attempted bombing of the British Consulate in 1969.

After a 10-year prison term, Odeh was freed in a prison swap with Palestinians.

William Jacobsen, a Cornell University law professor who runs the website “Legal Insurrection” says that the terror group Black September agitated for her release:

While she was imprisoned, the PFLP [People for the Liberation of Palestine] formed the “Rasmea Odeh Brigade” to try to free her and others by taking hostages, and Rasmea was on the list of prisoners whose release was sought by the Black September terrorists who took Israeli athletes hostage (and killed them) at the 1972 Olympics

For the last 20 years, Odeh has lived in Chicago. But in 2014, she was tried and convicted for immigration fraud for lying on her U.S. visa application.

The Washington Times reports that this week, Odeh found out that she’d lost her appeal. The court gave her two choices, get out of the country or go to jail:

Odeh, a resident of Chicago who has lived in the U.S. for about 20 years, plans to plead guilty to unlawful procurement of naturalization in a deal that will allow her to leave the United States rather than face the possibility of an 18-month prison sentence, according to Justice for Rasmea.

Odeh’s critics are gloating that the Woman's March and “Day Without a Woman” organizer is leaving the country:

The group Jewish Voices for Peace had planned to have Odeh speak, but those plans have been put on hold:

And Odeh’s friends on social media took the news hard:

This Black Lives Matter activist says Odeh is an inspiration:

The Washington Times reports that the organized group supporting Odeh says that leaving the country was probably the best thing:

“The prosecution team is now under the regime of racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and a new superseding indictment re-frames this as a case about ‘terrorism’ rather than immigration,” said a Thursday statement on the websites Justice for Rasmea and the U.S. Palestinian Community Network.

The convicted terrorist is scheduled to have one more court date in Detroit in April before she leaves the country.

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Patrick Graham(126 likes)Normally I would say something intelligent and witty. But this is a special case that deserves an appropriate response.What the fuck is wrong with you liberals? This woman is a murderous bitch. How could you possibly defend that? She was not fighting a war she was bombing grocery stores, where families are, and the British Consulate. Liberal women especially need to wake up. You drink these people's koolaid like blind puppies looking for attention. So now you made a feminist hero out of convicted terrorist. Nice fucking job. The children she murdered could have easily been yours. You parade around with this bitch taking selfies. Maybe you should get some selfies-esteem. You are pathetic. Now on a special side note. One of these Twitter idiots or twidiots posted this.If You come for her you come for us all.Well get ready bitch. We're coming.
IntegrityImportant(86 likes)After considering the ugliness at the Women's March on Washington (you know wearing vaginas, those nasty signs and nasty speeches) I'm not surprised by this organizer's dark past nor her illegal status. What is shocking is that anyone associated with her would call Jeff Sessions a racist. Mind boggling indeed. These selective feminists (selective because they only support those women who think precisely as they do) are totally misguided as to what this country needs. To be sure, the country will NOT miss this illegal organizer!
@Razzberries(57 likes)I remember the '72 incident. WOW! How did the crazy bitch even get in the country? 20 years ago. Clinton era.