During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” conservative journalist Michelle Malkin called out Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) for his speech following the AHCA bill being pulled from the vote on Friday:

"Don't break your arm there, patting yourself on the back, 'cause that's not covered by Obamacare or by Rinocare,

I am one of those millions of people who has been harmed by Obamacare and I know that this faux-peal, fake-peal wouldn't have made my situation or millions of others any better."

While some, including President Trump, have blamed the House Freedom Caucus for the bill's failure, Malkin pinned the blame on Ryan:

"This is the problem that so many grassroots, limited-government conservatives have had with Paul Ryan. It does fall squarely on his shoulders.

And that's not a surprise because if you are measured by your actual results, as opposed to your effort, he wants an “A for effort.” That's what that press conference was about and that's pathetic. Conservatives measure things by results, not by rhetoric.

And if the question that these conservatives in the beltway are supposed to ask every morning is 'What did I actually do to limit the size and scope of government in American's lives?' he gets a big, fat 'F'."

Malkin has been an outspoken critic of Ryan:

...and the AHCA:

She has also praised the House Freedom Caucus for their actions against the bill:

While on “Fox & Friends,” Malkin also had some things to say about Trump and how he can fix things moving forward:

"He's talking to the wrong people and he allied himself with the wrong people.

I think, looking back of course, one of his greatest regrets is going to be having endorsed Paul Ryan for re-election, instead of listening to the grassroots conservatives who've had a real repeal plan in place and knew what they were doing and were committed to the principles of actually replacing this thing with something that would make every American in a better place. Instead of hastening the death-spiral that Obamacare did."

Malkin also suggested there might be a need for a “new revolt” coming from “inside the House” that will “get rid of these establishment, beltway figures who've paid lip-service to limited government and then stabbed conservatives and Americans in the back, every single time.”

Here's the entire “Fox & Friends” segment with Malkin: