Following reports that former President Barack Obama's national security adviser, Susan Rice, requested identities of American citizens who were gathered up in raw intelligence reports that ended up connecting back to Donald Trump's transition team, Fox News' Tucker Carlson welcomed on an ex-Obama campaign adviser to discuss.

The former Obama campaign aide, David Tafuri, began by discussing how and why Rice would ask for individuals to be unmasked, pointing out that it could be due to criminal activity and noting that FBI Director James Comey has come out and said there is an investigation into possible coordination between Trump associates and Russia.

Carlson, however, shot back that Fox News is reporting that much of the material collected had nothing to do with Russia and appears to be one political party spying on another political party. When Tafuri said that we need to look “at each surveillance and the communication that happened in that surveillance,” Carlson began to get apoplectic.

“It's not simply about the unmasking,” Carlson explained. “It's the fact of the spying.” He added that the Obama administration was spying on “people around Donald Trump.”

It then turned into a debate about ethics, with Carlson asking his guest if he would like this to happen to him. The interview really began to get heated when Tafuri claimed that Russia hacked the election.

“I'm getting very frustrated,” the Fox News host exclaimed. “I don't know what it means to hack an election.” He went on to say that he hasn't seen one bit of evidence or fact that the Russian government was involved in hacking emails.

Tafuri tried to come back by stating most Republicans believe a crime has occurred when it comes to Russia, only for Tucker to reply that most of the GOP also thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.