America has changed a lot since 2009. Back then, Kelly Clarkson was on the top of the charts, Sean Penn won Best Actor at the Oscars, and Barack Obama had just been elected as the first African-American President of the United States.

In that same year, President Obama gave his first joint address to the United States Congress, where a heckler in the crowd interrupted him mid-sentence. That heckler was none other than South Carolina's Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, and his message: “You Lie!”

Fast-forward to 2017, and the country has a new president: Donald J. Trump. However, there are still some out there chanting Wilson's 2009 message. Except those chanting the message aren't members of Congress — they are constituents.

Another difference? They are not yelling at the President of the United States; they are yelling at their congressman, who happens to be none other than Wilson himself.

Congressman Wilson recently held a town hall in his district to speak with his constituents about what is happening in Washington. According to local news reports, close to 200 of Wilson's constituents showed up to the event to make their voices heard to the congressman.

The constituents were reportedly angry over Wilson's stance on the Violence Against Women Act, which Wilson voted against in 2013. While it appears that Wilson tried to answer the group's questions, he seems to be largely shouted down by the words he himself made famous: “You Lie!”

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@Droid(7 likes)Saul Alinsky radicals are being PAID to disrupt those town hall meetings, so those so-called constituents are TRAINED and PAID by Soros to disrupt the conservatives. They are most likely SEIU thugs and the like. Wilson was 100% correct when he exrecised his 1st amendment right to free speech. Obama was LYING about Obamacare, and Wilson, rather than boycott his own government, like the democRATS so often do, participated. He interjected "You Lie" which was a targeted and extremely brief comment that did NOT even slow down Obama's speech, so Wilson did not inhibit Obama's right to free speech. Wilson was 100% right when he made that comment, and the entire nation heard him. Obama lied !!!
meyou(4 likes)Odd how Republicans get taken to the wood shed at these town halls, isn't it, and yet they win at the ballot boxes.  Is there any way to monitor who comes in?  Are they REALLY constituents?  Personally, I don't believe they are.  Soros, his son, Steyer, Buffet, they ALL have very deep pockets.  All part of the Communist elite.
IntegrityImportantOf course free speech should be supported. But even if Obama lied, yelling that out to him at the Joint Speech was rude. It is okay to dislike and not support in any way a POTUS or other elected official, but to support Wilson's behavior that night is no different than the left supporting those Soros paid thugs previously at Trump rallies and now seemingly at all universivities. There should be standards of behavior on both sides, a fact the lefties have apparently forgotten. Having said that, it's safe to assume that large numbers of the disrupters at Wilson's town hall were paid to do so and many of them are thugs. I doubt many are true constituents; in fact, many similar "constituents" have been bussed into other town hall meetings.