In 2013, when Republicans prompted a government shutdown from October 1 through October 16 over Obamacare, they drew heavy criticism from Democrats and others.

The Atlantic named and shamed the “32 Republicans who caused the government shutdown,” and Senator Harry Reid blasted Republicans in a statement just prior to the shutdown taking place, pointing out that “the responsibility for this Republican government shutdown will rest squarely on [Speaker John Boehner's] shoulders, as all America knows.”

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Now, according to CNN, Democrats are threatening a government shut-down over changes to Obamacare funding. A Democrat source told CNN that plans were already in the works to tie Obamacare funding to cooperation with a funding bill that will allow the government to continue operating after April 28, but President Trump's comments the day before “threw gas on the fire.”

The comments were made during an interview with the Wall Street Journal — Trump talked about using Obamacare funding as a tool to get cooperation from Democrats on making changes to the controversial law. ABC News reported that he is using the threat to keep everyone at the table so Americans have the help and protections they need:

“Obamacare is dead next month if it doesn’t get that money. I haven’t made my viewpoint clear yet. I don’t want people to get hurt.”

Less than two weeks ago, a joint poll from Morning Consult and Politico showed that the majority of Americans don't want a government shut down, not even over hot topics such as a border wall, Planned Parenthood funding, and Neil Gorsuch's confirmation. Additionally, more respondents said they would blame a government shutdown on the Democrats in congress (34%) than on the Republicans in congress (22%) or on Trump (22%).

Interestingly, many respondents also supported the Freedom Caucus taking a stand against the Obamacare replacement bill (41%). Far fewer thought the caucus should have supported the bill even if it didn't meet all their goals (32%).