On Tuesday, anti-Trump protesters flooded Auburn University after word got out that white nationalist Richard Spencer would be speaking at an event.

The protesters wanted to keep their faces hidden from the cameras and the public. The police, however, had other plans.

Video footage of the scene shows how the authorities decided to deal with protesters who wanted to remain anonymous:

In the video, the police can be heard telling a masked protester to:

“Take your hoodie and mask off if you go in, or you will be arrested for loitering.”

Some of the protesters didn't comply and started a fight instead.

They didn't get away, though:

Independent Journal Review talked to Auburn University junior Michael Jones who was covering the event.

He said:

“Around 400 people total were at the event, I'd say 250 of them were protestors. And at least, 500 outside. That's how it appeared, I'm assuming everyone doing the running and stuff as protestors.”

Jones stated that the protesters even chased after what he believed to be Spencer's vehicle and tried to create a scene in the streets following the event.

Law enforcement handled things much differently than the police at the University of California, Berkeley, did.

Two months ago, violent protests erupted at Berkeley amidst the news that controversial political figure Milo Yiannopoulos was coming to campus to speak. After the chaos had died down, there was damage to school property and multiple reports of assaults.

CNN reported that despite the chaos and crime, no arrests were made at Berkeley that night.

According to The Plainsman, no Auburn students were arrested at the Richard Spencer event. Those who were arrested at the event were not students at Auburn.