Fox News's top political commentator, Bill O'Reilly, recently got the boot from the network after damaging sexual assault allegations surfaced about the longtime host.

In light of this, one would think that Fox News anchors would be on high alert to stay away from anything that would bridge this topic in any way, shape or form.

Well, if you thought that, you'd be wrong.

During an episode of Fox News's “The Five” on Wednesday — the same day the network cut ties with O'Reilly — co-host Greg Gutfeld commented that one of the show's female hosts was giving every male viewer a “raise.”

And he wasn't talking about their salary.

After co-hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bob Beckel got into an argument, Guilfoyle jokingly called Beckel a “crybaby” and told him to call his “camp counselor.”

Screenshot/Fox News

Beckel responded by telling Guilfoyle to call her dressmaker.

Guilfoyle replied, “And give him a raise” as she gestured her hands to her outfit:

It was here that Gutfeld made this remark to his colleague:

“You are giving America a raise.”

Screenshot/Fox News

While Guilfoyle and the rest of the crew appeared to laugh it off.

Beckel didn't seem amused:

Neither Fox News nor any of the show's hosts have yet to address the comment.