John W. “Jack” Bergman (R-MI) has been representing Michigan's 1st Congressional District since 2016. A retired 3-Star (Lieutenant) General in the U.S. Marine Corps, Bergman owns the distinction of being the highest-ranking military officer ever to serve in Congress.

In addition to his military service, Bergman has flown commercial airplanes for Northwest and boasts on his social media pages that he is the proud grandfather to eight grandchildren.

Bergman is also a devout Christian — something he has never been shy about expressing to his constituents — so it wasn't at all strange that, during a town hall in Gaylord, he invited Dr. Derek Hagland (Assistant Pastor at Grace Baptist Church) to open with a prayer.

But as a spokesperson for Rep. Bergman told Independent Journal Review, that's when the trouble began ...

A small group of Democratic activists — several wearing the pink “pussy hats” that were made popular during recent protests — interrupted the prayer, shouting “separation of church and state!”

The shouting continued throughout the prayer, tapering off only as the pastor said “Amen.”

The town hall held Wednesday evening was live-streamed, and had opened with prayer — a fact that may have inspired the activists to come out and protest Thursday's event.

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RickD.(53 likes)Pitiful and despicable display of disrespect!! These spineless morons have distorted the true meaning of "separation of church and state". This term was first used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Danbury Seminary (CT) in which he stated that our new country would not have a state-supported religion like the Anglican Church is in England. Sadly, this concept has been "bastardized" to mean something totally different. These pink-headed P***ies are as stupid as they are ugly!!
Katie(32 likes)Pussy  hats, shou)ddo give a clue  that they're just there to make trouble.  Congratulations to the pastor for continuing his prayer. The Pussy hats need it!
Anonymous(32 likes)One of the most insidious problems we have in this country is the lack of respect for the faith of others.The Dems took God out of their platform. Christians are persecuted, and hauled into court for adherence to their beliefs. Atheists scream bloody murder at any hint of religious activity on public land.This nation was founded, and became the greatest nation in history, on the bedrock of Judeo Christian morals and belief.If this trend continues, this nation will ultimately fail. If we fail, the world won't see our like for a thousand years, or maybe ever.I pity the children, they will truly suffer for our failure.Demonstrators disrupting a simple prayer, wearing pussy hats and worse in the streets, the violence and filth hollywood spews, all symptoms of a godless, directionless, and confused populace.Like the song says, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.Btw atheists and democrats, there is no provision in the Constitution or Bill of Rights for the separation of church and state. It only says the government may not have an official church.