During a segment on Fox News's “Special Report,” syndicated columnist and political commentator Charles Krauthammer took a major dig at former president Barack Obama — along with the whole Democratic Party.

Krauthammer not only blasted Obama for doing a poor job in office during his two terms but said his terms in office essentially destroyed the Democratic Party.

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During the Wednesday segment, the Pulitzer prize-winning author said:

“The fact that the most popular politician among Democrats, of course, is Bernie Sanders, who will be 78 in 2020, tells you, gives you an idea of the extent of the devastation Obama has left behind in the Democratic Party.”


Continuing to crack the whip on Obama, he elaborated:

"In his eight years, he did OK in ’08 and ’12... But they have lost, as you enumerated before, the House, the Senate, the presidency, two-thirds of the governorships, two-thirds of the statehouses. He hads torched their entire minor league system. AAA, AA, single-A, there’s nothing left.

And that’s why the leadership is in their 70s. It’s the old progressive, it's the Bernie Sanders, old vacationing in the Soviet Union hard left, which energizes a lot of students. I don’t think it is going to carry the party anywhere.”

Krauthammer proceeded to ask what it is that Democrats stand for, exactly.

The Washington Post contributor said that there is no clear ideology that makes up the party other than they disapprove of Trump.

“Ask yourself, what do they stand for? Higher minimum wage? Fine, but that’s not a program. I think what they have lost is kind of an ideological center, some kind of idea. Remember, the real problem in the Clinton administration — in the Clinton campaign was, what was her message? What does she believe? She had to farm it out to 20 people, and nobody had an answer.

I don’t know what the party stands for...other than it's right now anti-Trump and, it'll thrive on that...but beyond that, there's nothing on the positive side."


Krauthammer finished off by explaining that if the Democratic Party wants to make any sort of impact, it has to come together on ideas larger than being against the current president.

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Jeff(3 likes)I agree completely.  Obama was both a terrible president and killed the democratic party.  Look whats left: Waters, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, and Warren.  They make good pallbearers for the dead party.  They can have Hillary give the eulogy at the Javitz Center under the glass ceiling, how fitting.
IntegrityImportant(2 likes)Krauthammer: I don’t know what the party stands for...other than it's right now anti-Trump and, it'll thrive on that...but beyond that, there's nothing on the positive side."The article about Obama returning to public life has several quotes in the article as well as posters who are begging Obama to "take a stand." I suppose they've forgotten the unprecended and quite extensive "stand" he took in campaigning for Clinton. Didn't help her at all. Krauthammer is right. Being anti-Trump is not a platform and they may thrive on that politically for now but it won't win them many elections. AND if Bernie, at his age, is the leader of their party (and he sure is more so than any of the loudmouths like Schumer, Warren, Waters, Pelose, then they are in real trouble. Let me say this: having courage can never be overestimated. Courage to stand up to his many detractors is admirable in President Trump and goodness knows he has plenty of them. On the other hand, not one Dem will point out how damaging the closed-mindedness of the lefties is and won't even condemn those Soros sponsored/paid for black dressed thugs for destroying public property. They won't work for the common good, hence, they are falling fast! @Jeff: LOL to your "pallbearers for the dead party." Dead indeed! And I don't see resusitation occurring any time soon!
JesusMiguel BurgosWhat was once a noble party has now become a laughing stockstock, a party as conservatives like to call of snowflakes. What a joke.