Conservative pundit and provocateur, Ann Coulter called out fellow conservative Matt Drudge for promoting what she describes as 'fake news.' Drudge, the editor-in-chief of the conservative Drudge Report, posted a story from The Hollywood Reporter, which states that Coulter's scheduled speech at the University of California, Berkeley has been canceled.

According to USA Today, Coulter had been invited to speak at the University by the campus's Republicans. However, the university administrators initially rejected the proposal citing fears of violence on campus if Coulter was allowed to speak.

According to The Hollywood Reporter piece that Drudge shared, the university later reversed that decision and are allowing Coulter a platform on campus to share her message. The original date for the speech, April 27, was denied by the university and instead scheduled Coulter for May 2.

Coulter is unsatisfied with the new date as she believes it was intentionally chosen to lower the attendance rate of her speech. May 2 is when students on campus will be taking final exams.

Coulter has promised to speak on campus on the originally scheduled date.

In addition to Drudge, Coulter also accused the New York Times and the Daily Californian of being 'fake news' for their reports of the rescheduled event.

UC-Berkeley has a reputation of being a very progressive campus. Earlier this year, another conservative flamethrower, Milo Yiannopoulos, was scheduled to speak on campus leading to violent riots before the University rescinded his invitation.

Yiannopoulos was later fired from his position with Breitbart News after tapes surfaced of him making statements in support of pedophilia.

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