On Monday evening, The Washington Post, The New York TimesBuzzFeed News, and Reuters all reported that during last week's White House meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian diplomats, Trump shared highly classified intelligence with the Russians. As president, Trump is able to declassify what he likes, but that is not, itself, why there's alarm.

In the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as well as Sergei Kislyak, Russia's ambassador to the United States, Trump revealed intelligence about threats to aircraft that had been shared by an ally. Under the “rules of espionage,” you don't share intelligence that was shared with you by a partner.

There is also the question of what Russia already knew and what its intelligence agencies could determine by viewing the new information in the context of their own intelligence.

Various Trump administration officials have released statements on the stories:

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster will be issuing a further statement outside the White House shortly.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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LukeDanielson(3 likes)It's interesting how the media suddenly feels like its their SOLE job to nit pick every tiny little thing President Trump says or does. They are blatantly looking for any possible way to make him look bad. The democrats pile on, giving the media more fuel, and the republicans in Congress are pretty much silent. On the other hand: President Obama ran around doing whatever sketchy dealings he wanted for 8 years. The democrats and media defended him, and the republicans in Congress always caved and let him get away with everything. Just imagine the media reaction if president Trump did and of these shady dealings that Obama did: false promises about Obamacare, releasing terrorists, Iran deal, Cuba visits, interfering with Israeli elections, illegal exec orders on immigration,  caught lying about Benghazi, changing secret access rules prior to leaving office, etc.And imagine if Trump set up a private server and deleted 30,000 emails AFTER he received a subpoena. Even the most liberal people have to admit that there is a severe biases (and double standards) in the media, and in the "deep state" government.
@rgcomega(3 likes)Why anyone reads WAPO or the NYT is beyond comprehension. In my lifetime they have rarely reported accurately or the truth when someting does not coincide with their ideolgy and left wing agenda. Lies pour out of them like water over Niagra Falls. Always have. The only thing that empowers these left wing apes is that their lies spread like wildfire when other news outlets report the garbage...they thrive on this and plan on this. They know rebuttles will come next, then the counter charges, and so on, and the lies build momentum. This is their plan. The circle never ends and the Democrats smirk. When they put out this propaganda, other news organizations like IJR pick up the story, pass it along because it was "on the wire" without authenticating its verascity, and subsequently become complicit in a wasteland of corruption. Please stop. You are serving no end other than to be a dupe in their insidious game. In doing so IJR may not be the first to report the "news" but you will likely be one of the first to report the truth. What's more important?
Anonymous(2 likes)Reading from this article, people who know what was said in the meeting are saying nothing classified was revealed.It's only the left wing msm saying otherwise. So, more outright lies that are politely called fake news. I guess if its ok to lie for a president, it must be ok to lie about a president.