Fox News host Eric Bolling derided Democratic politicians during his show, “The Fox News Specialists,” on Wednesday when he argued rhetoric surrounding the president's health care law provoked “crazy” attackers, like the one who shot Republicans during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia Wednesday morning.

After citing inflammatory gestures from several leading Democratic politicians and celebrities, Bolling asked how many innocent people had to die before Democrats realized their words mattered:

How many innocent people have to die before we realize that words do matter? Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities. Think before you utter those blind, hateful words next time, liberals. Because there are crazy people out there taking your metaphors literally.

Bolling claimed the attack in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday was politically motivated, noting that the gunman was a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) supporter. “This was a targeted attack on Republicans, no doubt,” the Fox News host said.

Democrats, according to Bolling, recently ramped up their rhetoric to a level not previously seen in political debates. “There's been a 'sea change' recently, in the words liberal politicians and celebrities are willing to use. Democrat politicians have been playing fast and loose with the way they disagree with the right,” he said.

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Proudamerican(62 likes)Let's ask our news reporters (and the businesses that support them) to stop seeking ratings and profits.  They need to consider the impact of their rash partisan words and extreme presentation of information and have a little concern for the safe future of the citizens of the U.S.  Targeting our representatives for death and injury is an outrage.  These are no longer symbolic actions, people are injured and dying because we refuse to respect one another's ideas and seek positive compromise to settle our differences.  
IntegrityImportant(48 likes)Eric went on to say that even if the parties were reversed, he'd say the same things. So would I. Brit Hume just stated on The Story just now that he'd never seen such ugly political rhetoric in his lifetime even including the 60s. Neither have I. There was pushback against Bush because SCOTUS "gave" the election to him, pushback against Obama because clinton (her again, sheeze) was supposed to win and where did that upstart Obama come from, etc. Those pushbacks were more normal lose/win actions. This. Is. Ugly. Even the Harris woman who interrupted Sessions over and over and had to be called out, the calling out a normal action BTW in the house, is claiming racism AND feminism. (Both which pale BTW when considering this morning's shootings of Repubs.) There appears to be an almost complete disgusting lack of responsibility for one's own actions. Harris, if you ask a question, then listen to the answer for if you continually interrupt, you will not hear anything. Anyway, I take the same attitude toward misogny as I take to racism. It does not exist everywhere, is not responsible for every call out or for everything that happens in one's life. The constant whining about it being one or the other (or both in this alleged case!) takes a big, big chunk of responsibile attention away from bona fide incidents of both.
@AnoN1BoBbyWobby(37 likes)There are those who gleefully support the attack against our elected representatives. This includes extremist groups from all over the spectrum, terrorists, and unluckily fellow Americans who put their narrow slice of politics above being a US citizen.They have placed the United States on a very slippery slope. Morals matter, violence should not be your means to an end unless you are truly an enemy of what the United States stands for.