On Wednesday afternoon, The Washington Post reported that Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the Department of Justice's investigation into the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, was investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

In the early hours Thursday morning, the president responded:

The Post reported that Mueller's team began started the formal investigation into the president after he fired former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey testified before Congress saying that he believes he was fired in an attempt to undermine the Russian investigation.

Interestingly, in his first statement on The Post's scoop, Trump did not deny the report. While he called the Russian investigation a 'phony story,' he seemingly confirmed that he is in fact under investigation for obstruction of justice.

The White House is referring all questions regarding the Russian investigation to Trump's outside attorney Marc Kasowitz.

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Schelly Peterson(8 likes)Trump doesn't need to clear his name, he is not under any investigation, these are " anonymous tips" that have been proven over and over of being Fake News, it's how the left are trying to push the people into believing lies in hope they will vote Democrat next round because if they don't then they know their party is washed up. It a desperate last ditch effort.
laura cox(6 likes)This is a classic example of a fishing expedition. It's only end result will be uncommitted viewers will realize how insane the hate filled Democrats and leftists are.Globalist heads are exploding all over the world, including Obama and HRC.REAL Americans took our country back from the global elite. My healthcare is too expensive ($900/month for my family). Time to step away from socialist rule and let capitalism work. My car insurance is just $25 per month (from Insurance Panda) and my internet is just $30/month from RNC. Let the free market handle health insurance!8 years of lies and even more of Liberal corruption made Trump possible. Thank God we will have some real leadership in office for the next 8 years.It's time to forget about Obama and the catastrophe he was.
@AnoN1BoBbyWobby(5 likes)Mueller needs to step down, too many ties to the political establishment. Looking to line his own pocket at the US taxpayers expense.Mueller we in LE didn't trust you (that's right) before and we don't now. After retiring why not leave politics and Washington.Oh no, because you too became another pond bottom scum sucker.The only independent council trustworthy enough should come from a county court before they get that Federal taint of corruption and lack of morals.