UPDATE [6/19/17 1:20 p.m. ET]: The total injured has been raised from 8 to 10.

In the early hours of Monday morning, a van was used to attack individuals in the area surrounding a mosque in London's Finsbury Park. CNN reports that one person is dead and eight are left injured as a result.

Prime Minister Theresa May called the attack “sickening,” and according to the BBC, all the individuals attacked were Muslim.

Witnesses say they saw the van take a sharp left turn as if it was aiming for the crowd of people outside the Muslim Welfare House, which is near the mosque in Finsbury Park.

Police are investigating the situation as an act of terrorism. CNN notes that the attack feels similar to previous terrorist events in London and that the local Muslim community believes they were specifically targeted.

CNN also notes that the attack took place during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and the individuals attacked had recently concluded prayers and worship.

Individuals on the scene reportedly removed the attacker from the van and subdued him on the ground until police arrived. During that time the attacker resisted had shouted “You guys deserve this!” at the individuals he was targeting.

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@sam(9 likes)I first read all these comments, and thought to sum my response up in 2 letters F U.   This attack was horrible as was and is every attack on the innocents. These people are as innocent as the ones prior in london and around the world.  You cant have selective outrage to terrorism.  And if you do, youre as stupid as the people doing it. 
John Decker(6 likes)Islam started in the Middle East. The Crusades (if you went to school in the last twenty years you didn't learn this) were a Christian invasion of the Mid-East to stop the Muslim World Caliphate from conquering the known world of Europe and Asia. America had not yet been discovered. Islam was mostly confined to the Mid-East and parts of Asia. Fast forward 2000 years to today. Muslims are again trying to form a World Caliphate by the simple expedient of killing all non-Muslims. They have expanded throughout the mid-East, killing in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and moving into Africa to kill there. They are now into Asia and Europe, and across the English Channel into Britain, killing there also. President Trump tried to ban them from the U.S. but was overridden by U.S. Circuit Courts, who claim that citizens of foreign countries have the same Constitutional Rights as U.S. citizens, despite not living here or taking the lawful steps necessary to become U.S. citizens. (It's not at issue here, but how could Trump "conspire" with Russians who have the same Constitutional Rights we have as stated by U.S. appeals Courts?) The point of this comment is that Muslims are here, by order of the U.S. Federal courts. Do you think they will not kill here? Oh, my mistake, they already have! Do you think they'll stop if we ask them nicely? What's your opinion?  
Kathi Ball(6 likes)Great Britton has had to deal with almost one attack a it long past time to send people into mosques to find the Imams who are preaching Jihad....those Imams need to be arrested and locked up....solitary confinement to prevent further radicalization efforts.I realize that Islamist Extermists have declared war on all non-Muslims.....they have vowed to KILL ALL INFIDELS......Europe is becoming their first major battle sight......It is possible they are reluctant to start here in the US because of the number of citizens who own and are proficient with firearms. Prior to WW11, the Japanese Emperor noted that Japan could never win on US soil because "There is a gun behind EVERY BLADE of GRASS"!