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There is another new wrinkle in the story that has dominated the American news cycle in the past week, the meeting that Donald Trump Jr. had with a woman he was told was a “Russian government lawyer” in June 2016.

NBC News reports that in addition to Trump Jr. being flanked by Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had backup, too.

According to a new report from NBC News, Veselnitskaya was accompanied by a Russian-American lobbyist who had served in Soviet military counterintelligence before emigrating to the United States. NBC is not naming the man, who is denying current involvement with Russian intelligence, but Veselnitskaya did say she was joined by a man she wouldn't name.

Alan Futerfas, an attorney for Trump Jr., spoke to NBC, seemingly confirming the basic framework of the story at first:

“It’s very simple. The person was described as a friend of Emin [Agalarov]’s and maybe as a friend of Natalia’s...He is a U.S. citizen. He told me specifically he was not working for the Russian government, and in fact laughed when I asked him that question...For the purpose of security or otherwise, the names were reviewed...I have absolutely no concerns about what was said in that meeting.”

On Tuesday, Sean Hannity asked Trump Jr. in an interview broadcast on Fox News if he had met with any other Russians during his father's presidential campaign.

He responded that he had not “in the context of actual — a formalized meeting or anything like that.”

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@Otisamsonite¡No mas, por favor! Enough stories about this. I only coment now to say that I will read no more of them. I'm getting ready to puke!
@survivor2014In scripture, Jesus Himself says the people persecuted Him and the disciples because they spoke the truth. Not implying in any way that POTUS and his administration resemble the Messiah, but the relentless attacks just tell me how much the liberals/democrats, etc fear the truth. Surely they would except him if he didn't threaten their delusional ideology to its very core. Media matters mission statement is clear that truth is irrelevant so long as the story continues that Trump bad, liberalism/progressives good. They state that he must fail at all cost, no lie is to big.
thoedoreTRUMP is for the American people we see through the b.s. that the media is trying to stir up. Trump will make this once great nation GREAT again. Leave the democrats sucking their thumbs and licking their wounds while Trump starts to fix their mess up!Real Americans took our country back from globalist elite!  We wanted our jobs and our nation back!  Our healthcare was too expensive. Mine is $700/month now (thanks to Obamacare). My car insurance is still $25 per month (from Insurance Panda), but what are the Democrats plans for that? If you look at Democrat strongholds like Detroit and New Orleans, car insurance will run you $300+ per month!I don't care what his taxes are or say. I just want him in office. Bet we will never see all Hillary's off shore accounts and the records of all the money she filtered through the Clinton foundation. Crook!!