On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump did what he does most mornings — take to Twitter to air various grievances. In a set of five tweets, the president alleged that there are double standards against his family, protesters, “fake news,” and the accuracy of polling or lack thereof:

The most noteworthy of the tweets is likely the first one. Besides Hillary Clinton's infamous private email server, it mentions a detail that came out in the cache of emails stolen from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and released by WikiLeaks.

The email showed then-Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile seemingly giving the Clinton campaign questions for a CNN-hosted primary debate in advance. An aide for chief primary rival Bernie Sanders has said that campaign got similar guidance, while CNN and Brazile denied that she ever had the questions in advance.

As for the protests of the LPGA holding its U.S. Open at President's Trump National Bedminster club, reports that he likely didn't see most of the protesters because the demonstration was held three miles from the course. The protest was over the LPGA, a women's sports league, using a Trump property in light of his past statements about women.

President Trump watched the U.S. Open from indoors, as he was behind a glass, presumably bulletproof partition.

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@OtisamsoniteActually not a bad comparison. Imagine the lib media worshippers heaping praise upon Swillary's regime if she were in similar circumstances. Comparisons are really irrelevant but the MSM are possessed. They hate Trump and want to cast aspersions on all things Trump.
IntegrityImportantThe demonstration referred to in article looked like it had maybe 50 or fewer people there. Personally, I'm sick of these self-righteous, sanctimonious apparently have too much time on their hands lefties calling out anyone or anybody that has anything to do with a Trump. In this instance, the Women's Open has the right to go anywhere they chose to play golf. It will be interesting to see how what this nonsense accomplishes for lefties in the long run. As to Trump's alleged treatment of women, that has been blown way out of proportion to actual deeds. It's like someone wanted to turn lefties into a mob with a mob mentality and off they go, half hay-wired most of the time. Seriously. Where were these better-than-the-rest-of-us moralists when Bill was doing far, far, far worse. BTW even though it won't fit your narrative: lefties, he only called Rosie all those names, not all women. So for that he is to be vilified forever? That's awfully narrow-minded to say the least. And is just another example of how deficit today's education standards are, especially history and civics.
AnonymousThe ONLY reason that ANY of this lib diverson has become a topic is because the lib media has NOTHING left and  President Trump is a non liberal, non professional DC hack that not only owns the ball but also the stadium and gets to decide WHO HE WANTS to play with. My advise to ALL you feeble-minded libs is to buy your own ball and get your own stadium or STFU until election time.