Former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo testified before the House Intelligence Committee in a closed session last week, denying contact with Russia in the process, and he followed it up with an appearance on CNN's “New Day” on Monday.

In the interview, he made a few different arguments, including that Russia is not hostile to the U.S.

“Of course not,” he began when host Alysin Camerota asked if he thought Russia is a “hostile foreign power” as it relates to the U.S. “When I heard that on the show this morning, it raised an eyebrow. Unless I woke up and didn’t hear the news, we or not at war with Russia ... I think Donald Trump wants to have better relations with every country.”

Earlier, Camerota had asked if Caputo, when working in Russia, ever got the impression that Russian President Vladimir Putin “was looking to somehow compromise or co-opt or play the Trump campaign.” Caputo was blunt in saying he thought Russia “looks to get involved in elections for every single one of the countries in the United Nations Security Council, at least.”

But he also added that “our country does the same,” saying that “It’s important to note that in 1994, my government, the Clinton administration, sent me to Russia to get involved in their elections.” In other words, "We do the same thing.”

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