Over the weekend, it was announced the White House would be framing its messaging this week around companies that manufacture goods within the United States. However, this “Made in America Week” comes while Trump-owned companies, including Ivanka Trump's clothing line, continue to make products overseas.

American manufacturing and tougher trade deals were a focal point of President Donald Trump's campaign; however, that did not stop the president from making some of his own products in other nations.

Additionally, a new report from The Washington Post finds that the president's daughter and advisor, Ivanka Trump, heavily relies on making her brand products in other countries in order take advantage of the lower wages paid to employees.

This is not the first time the Ivanka Trump brand has interfered with White House messaging. Earlier this year, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway did a “free commercial” for Ivanka Trump products while being interviewed on cable news.

Conway's words lead to a spike in sales of the president's daughter's merchandise and raised even more questions about the ethics involved in the situation.