During Monday's White House press briefing, Yahoo News's White House Correspondent Hunter Walker asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer whether the Trump family would stop manufacturing products overseas.

Walker's question came at the beginning of the Trump-initiated “Made in America” week, a time for focusing on U.S. manufacturing. Some of the Trump family's products, as Walker noted, are manufactured in other countries. In light of that fact, Walker asked if the Trumps would halt that practice.

“I'm wondering whether you can tell us if 'Made in America' week will include the Trump Organization or Ivanka Trump brands committing to stop manufacturing wares abroad,” Walker asked of Spicer on Friday. Walker pressed Spicer further, suggesting that such an action by the Trump family would “show leadership” during “Made in America” week.

Spicer responded that while it was inappropriate for him to comment on the president or his family members' specific businesses, he thought it was impractical for certain businesses to manufacture in the U.S.

“The overall arching goal, of course, though, is to grow manufacturing,” Spicer said. He appeared to suggest that the president's policy goal was to make it easier for businesses to operate in the U.S., not force them or browbeat them into doing so.

“The president's agenda — regulatory relief and tax relief — are focused on trying to make sure that all companies can hire here, can expand here, can manufacture here,” Spicer said. “That's something that he wants for every company.”