MSNBC, led by “The Rachel Maddow Show,” dominated its cable competitors last week.

Averaging 2.3 million total viewers in the 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. time frame, MSNBC beat out both Fox News's 2.25 million viewers and CNN, which didn't even rank in the top five networks for primetime. Nielsen data revealed that from July 17 to July 21, “The Rachel Maddow Show” beat out the total viewership of every other cable show except WWE Entertainment.

MSNBC is currently the fastest growing cable network and has been rivaling Fox News in different ways.

Last week, however, Fox News topped ratings for basic cable, averaging 1.35 million total viewers and outranking MSNBC at third place. For the month of July, beyond just last week, Fox continued to dominate its competitors in total viewers and the 25 to 54 age demographic during primetime.

With the exception of this week and two others, Fox typically garners more total viewers than MSNBC during primetime.

Yet, while Fox only added 256,000 viewers since last year, MSNBC added more than three times that amount, at 865,000. As of July 20, MSNBC gained more viewers year-over-year, in both total viewers and the 25 to 54 demographic, than any other cable network.

CNN, on the other hand, lost more than 120,000 viewers. During the first three weeks in July, CNN, unlike Fox and MSNBC, failed to attract at least a million total viewers during primetime.

That drop came after CNN had to retract at least five stories in the month of June. As previously reported, three of CNN's employees resigned over a botched story on President Donald Trump's alleged connections to Russia.

CNN's comparatively low ratings also came after Trump tweeted attacks on the cable network.

In response to one of those attacks, CNN contacted a Reddit user tied to a video Trump tweeted.

That action earned the network criticism from many on the internet. The president's son suggested the network blackmailed the Reddit user, using the #CNNBlackmail hashtag.

For five consecutive weeks, MSNBC has dominated CNN in total viewers during the daytime, with “Morning Joe” spending 30 consecutive weeks ahead of CNN's “New Day.”

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IntegrityImportant(5 likes)If the numbers in this article are correct (although the article is convoluted re numbers since MSNBC wins then later on Fox is still on top??), then I suspect what is happening is that CNN's anti-Trump viewers have switched to MSNBC. I switched from CNN to MSNBC in my last life because even before Trump came on the scene, CNN could harp and harp on a subject. They covered that missing plane for days after others had moved on. It is so boring having one subject 24/7 when there's a big wide world out there. Anyway, I then switched to Fox when it became clear how much fake news is on CNN/MSNBC and the networks. I also suspect that the 8:00 and 9:00 time slots on MSNBC at least offer a modicum of newsworthy coverage unlike CNN which just gets worse as the evening progresses. I haven't watched recently but can't imagine Chris Hayes doing nothing but anti-Trump. I'll have to check in and find out but the Chris I watched in that other life would not have done so. Rachel, well who knows. She's very liberal so would have wanted hillary to win. I hope she's above anti-Trump for the full hour as well. I don't think Fox has anything to worry about!
VitoVino(4 likes)So how will this prove to be good for Fox News?  For one thing, I'm confident that Fox will step up it's game, coming up with something new that will attract more viewers. Secondly, I believe that after watching the insane, cool aid drinkers on MSNBC firsthand, after a short time people will search for more substance and will gravitate to the more fair and balanced approach on Fox. These are heady predictions indeed, and simply my wish and opinion of course. 
@AnoN1BoBbyWobbyReally MSNBC? Hardly.