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After two employees accused him of sending a lewd picture to them, Fox News host Eric Bolling said on Twitter that he looked forward to clearing his name:

“Overwhelmed by all the support I have received. Thank you,” Bolling, the host of “The Fox News Specialists,” told followers on Monday. Fox suspended Bolling after a report surfaced on Friday, alleging that Bolling sent a picture of male genitalia to a Fox News employee and Fox Business staffer.

Fox released the following statement regarding Bolling:

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway.”

Caroline Heldman, a professor who frequently appeared on-air with Bolling, called Bolling's behavior “wildly inappropriate”:

Heldman also described former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly as “creepy in person.” O'Reilly, like former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, left the network amid sexual harassment allegations. Bolling is just one of several Fox employees as of recent to be accused of sexual harassment.

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Patricia Jackson(45 likes)Eric sue the two women and make them show up in court.  No one should be able to slander another person without having to show proof.  You are being targeted as a Republican and the fact that you could run for a political office and beat any Democrat.  That is the real reason they singled you out.  Sue them and sue HufPo.  
James Forsythe(38 likes)How much did the dems pay these bimbos to make the claims against Eric?  They should be fired and black-balled from the media.
Ronda Erickson(28 likes)First of all the sentence that several have been let go on Fox,  since when is 2 several?  Caroline Hedland is a advocate for gay people, she is a gay woman,  why would she be so persued by any man,  Eric Bolling is a honorable man,  with a rising star,  the Murdoch greedy sons want Fox News gone,  they want to do a type of National Geographic themed show.  Since gay Caroline didn't get the position she wanted at Fix she is now looking for a job somewhere undisclosed, just could be those Murdoch boys made her an offer she couldn't refuse.   She  is a CNN contributor,  Ana we all know how they would love to see more trouble at Fix whose ratings have always been higher than theirs.   Also  Rupert Murdoch is all about the money,  as long as Fix News keeps making him money he doesn't have want to change anything,  he still controls the empire he built,  not those selfish sobs if his.... which means those son's have a burning desire to see Fox News destroyed, what a better way than stir up trouble and go after the well loved and highest viewed Anchors.  Prayers for Eric and his wife and family... They don't care about them do they!