Compiled by scientists from 13 federal agencies, a new report claims human activity significantly contributed to rising temperatures and more extreme weather.

The findings, which appear to contradict the Trump administration's position that it's unclear whether climate change is caused by humans, came as part of a congressionally mandated National Climate Assessment that scientists feared President Donald Trump might try to suppress.

The New York Times obtained a copy of the report, which claims it is “extremely likely” that human activity contributed to more than half of global mean temperature increases since 1951.

“Many lines of evidence demonstrate that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse (heat-trapping) gases, are primarily responsible for recent observed climate change,” the assessment's authors wrote.

That conclusion contravened Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Scott Pruitt's publicly held belief that global warming was not primarily caused by carbon dioxide. Pruitt's agency, along with 12 others, must approve the report before it's released.

According to the Times, the study conveyed that human activity had a widespread effect on the United States:

In the United States, the report concludes with “very high” confidence that the number and severity of cool nights have decreased since the 1960s, while the frequency and severity of warm days have increased. Extreme cold waves, it says, are less common since the 1980s, while extreme heat waves are more common.

The study examines every corner of the United States and finds that all of it was touched by climate change. The average annual temperature in the United States will continue to rise, the authors write, making recent record-setting years “relatively common” in the near future. It projects increases of 5.0 to 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit (2.8 to 4.8 degrees Celsius) by the late century, depending on the level of future emissions.

It says the average annual rainfall across the country has increased by about 4 percent since the beginning of the 20th century. Parts of the West, Southwest and Southeast are drying up, while the Southern Plains and the Midwest are getting wetter.

The scientists pushed compliance with the Paris Agreement on climate change and warned that allowing temperatures to rise above 2 degrees Celsius could have catastrophic consequences.

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@Otisamsonite(4 likes)Tho I don't agree, Anonymous, that is a very funny retort:) I'm sure humans have contributed to warming but China and India are not going to change their ways and there are billions of them and growing. Why should the onus always be placed upon the United States? I know we love our offspring and want to leave them a world which is inhabitable, but at the rate we're going, a major war will negate a great deal of population and pollute this Earth beyond belief. World War III will make WWII look like a game of Candyland.
Joyce GoldensternIlse and Integrity, If you think criticizing Al Gore's wealth is the best way to react to global warming, at least stick to the facts. He is not a billionaire, he is a millionaire.  Most of his money has been accumulated through inheritance and stocks. Money earned from climate work has been donated to that cause.  Scrutinizing his personal life surely finds hypocrisy as scrutinizing most of our lives would. If we are looking for someone who advocates taking care of the earth and who lives more like a monk, we can look toward Pope Francis, though I am sure if we want to spend time to look hard enough and go back far enough, we can find a few contradiction there too.Gore is a populizer of scientific ideas; he is not a scientist or a prophet.  Looking for every specific "prediction" he got "wrong" is a waste of time, just as it is a waste of time to cry at your picnic because it is raining and the weather man predicted sun.  Spoiled picnics do not prevent most people from listening to  weather forecasts because they know meteorologist can offer better insights than charletons.  Yes, climate is always changing and would be changing whether or not humans inhabited the earth, but not at the same rate or in the same way.  That is just common sense. I think the proper role of government is to provide us with common security, controling dangers that can be controled collectively that we cannot control through individual efforts. Don't let your hatred of Al Gore blind you to larger problems or divert you from them. 
@heartstrong25anybody wanna talk about fukushima and how its dumping millions of tons of radioactive chemicals into the pacific with no way to clean it up as of right now?.... this is a global disaster that will kill all of us if we dont do something but all anyone can talk about is how we need green energy and blah blah blah what abou the shit thats already happening....the great barrier reef is [email protected]!!!!! the pacific ocean is in real danger and has the potential to be a world extinction event...