On Thursday night, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley was part of the panel on CNN's “Anderson Cooper 360” discussing the July 26 FBI raid of the home of Paul Manafort.

In doing so, he drew some laughs from his colleagues when he made a pop culture reference to describe how much trouble Manafort might be in.

“Well, omissions are common on things like SF-86s, failure to register foreign agents, those tend not to be criminally charged, but it doesn't mean they cannot be,” he explained.

“If you have a special counsel that may be trying to get leverage over a witness, they will often put pressure on those spots and make it clear to people like Paul Manafort that you're all alone,” he continued.

In other words?

“As 'Game of Thrones' would say: Winter is coming,” he said, referring to a motto used by the “Game of Thrones” characters belonging to the House Stark faction to describe an upcoming dark period. He added that the White House is eliminating “crush space” between it and targets like Manafort by way of the president commenting on the raid.

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