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President Donald Trump issued a scathing rebuke of the media on Tuesday, even going so far as to say that people in the media didn't like the United States.

“These are really, really dishonest people and they're bad people,” Trump said at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. “I really think they don't like our country and I really believe that,” Trump added before speculating that the media wouldn't change.

“If they would change, I would never say it,” Trump said, suggesting that if he thought they would change, he wouldn't make such an accusation about the media's feelings toward the country.

“You would think they'd want to make our country great again, and I honestly believe they don't,” he said.

Those comments followed a long rebuke from Trump of the media's coverage of his response to racially charged protests in Charlottesville. After reiterating his condemnation of hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, Trump claimed that “the only people” giving those groups a platform was the media.

He added that the media was responsible for the country's division. According to Trump, the media would “rather get ratings and clicks than tell the truth.”

The media was so dishonest, Trump suggested, that without social media, he wouldn't have been elected president. “If I didn't have social media, I wouldn't be able to get the word out. I probably wouldn't be standing here,” he said.

Furthermore, Trump argued, the media's characterization of his tweeting habits — as occurring in “tweet storms” — was inaccurate. “These are sick people,” Trump added about the media.

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@Droid(4 likes)After watching the Trump speech, it was overwhelmingly obvious that Trump is a President who is reacting to a truly massive amount of hatred and anger; this from the press, the radical left, and even those in his own (Republican) party, who are relentlessly attacking him. Yet he continues to try extremely hard to accomplish political goals aimed at improving the saftey and prosperity of middle class Americans, and in fact ALL Americans. The press has acted, and continnues to act with an amazing amount of disrespect and hatred against him.The most important thing I took from his speech was that he is still being opposed by the Washington DC establishment; the special interests, and the lobbysists. Trump is the ultimate anti-establishment politician; wants America to be the kind of place where you can have a high school GED, but still start a small business with great ease, low taxes, and a low regulatory burden; and be prosperous. He wants America to be a place where you can get a factory job, work hard, own a house, and have a nice happy family. He wants to create tax incentives to bring back over $2Trillion that Americans have invested overseas; to invest that money into our inner cities and infrastructure. If a democrat expressed all those same goals, they would be wildly popular.The leftists, and the DC establishment don't care about those American freedoms. Yet, that's all that Trump really cares about. The DC establishment is stopping his efforts, because he was bold enough to expose their corruption (Republican and Democrat alike), and kick their ass in the primaries, and then the general election, despite an overwhelming illegal vote. Trump does all this at age 70, as a billionaire, and he exposes his family to all this bitter criticism, when he could just as easily live the life of extreme wealth and liesure; privately. Trump is on a mission; he does not need or want to expand his own wealth; he wants the rest of us to gain wealth, prosperity, freedom and independence from our current oppresive, regulation-happy regime in DC.
IntegrityImportant(3 likes)@Droid: "If a democrat expressed all those same goals, they would be wildly popular."Such a dem would be wildly popular indeed but I'd just add to your valid points that no dem would offer up such goals. The problem with the dems, the RINOs and the media is that they want to maintain the status quo. And there is no room in the status quo for a middle class. They peddle globism like it's the end all/be all for the health of our economy and we're supposed to believe that while all our jobs are shipped to China and other places. Yes, trade is good all right but for other countries. They know that and we're supposed to be dumb enough to not know any better. They vote themselves benefits out the wazoo while the likes of Paul Ryan harp on eliminating ("fixing") that Social Security "benefit" (nope we paid into it, are you Ryan paying into your benefits?). Trump wants to fix those trade deals not helping Americans, that are in fact contributing to our demise (yep, demise).You couldn't pay me to do what POTUS is attempting. Yes, he is wealthy and could have lived well and without all this crap but one either shivels up and eventually dies or gets even smarter and wiser as s/he ages. POTUS is in the latter group. He really wants to get this country back on track yet practically everyone does all they can to stop him including far too many Repubs. Which brings up another problem for him. The  parties differences are social, dems supporting liberal issues like abortion and Repubs are conservative on most of the same issues. Social issues can be tailored to fit the constituency. Where the parties are the same is in running government. Both parties bow down to their corporate benefactors and the people be damned. The swamp dwellers do not want change. Those entrenched in government are not willing to provide bona fide help to POTUS. And neither is the warped media. I just keep saying God help us!
PatrickAmen Mr President