Pope Francis is urging President Donald Trump to reconsider his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, arguing on Sunday that it's important for young people to have roots.

“One hopes that it is re-thought somewhat,” Francis said of Trump's move last week to end the Obama-era policy, according to Reuters.

“In the end, young people feel like they have no hope,” the pope said. “And who robs them of hope? Drugs, other addictions, suicides — youth suicides are very high — and this happens when they are torn from their roots.”

“The president of the United States [...] presents himself as a man who is pro-life,” the pope added. “If he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that the family is the cradle of life and you have to defend its unity.”

This isn't the first time Pope Francis has criticized Trump. During the presidential election, he questioned the president's faith over his plan to build a wall on the United States's southern border.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel,” Pope Francis said. However, he later said the comment wasn't “a personal attack.”

Trump, however, has continued to put pressure on Congress to act on immigration following his decision to end DACA, arguing that the issue requires a legislative solution rather than one from the executive branch.

“The legislative branch, not the executive branch, writes these laws — this is the bedrock of our Constitutional system, which I took a solemn oath to preserve, protect, and defend,” Trump said in a statement last week.

However, in response to Trump ending the program, members of his own party have started speaking out, including Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), who called out the president over the weekend, even urging Dreamers to come to Ohio.

“If the Dreamers want to go somewhere and live? Come to Ohio. We want all the immigrants to come to Ohio because we know how much they contribute to America,” Kasich said.

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IntegrityImportant(6 likes)I'm with Ken. When the Pope removes that wall around the Vatican, then we'll talk (or listen). And it never ceases to amaze how countries (or the Vatican) can preach to other heads of states how they should handle immigration while they have rules which are enforced. It can be assumed that the church's stand on immigration and birth control is as much about keeping church members as it is about being virtuous. Now bring it on . . .
Ken McLeod(5 likes)If Pope Francis is a good Pope he'll remove the 39 foot wall that surrounds the Vatican built to keep out Muslims.  One can be pro-life & pro-choice.  Just like when parents use their religious beliefs NOT to use modern medicine to save their child and the courts step in to save the child.  The real solution should be NOT having sex in the first place until you're married, but guess what, that's not going to happen, so the Pope should be saying, if you can't wait to have sex until you're married, USE BIRTH CONTROL so you don't bring unwanted children into the world.  BUT guess what, Pope Francis WON'T say that.  Therefore, Pope're a hypocrite.   Remove the wall surrounding the Vatican and then we'll talk. After all, wasn't it you who said President Trump should be building BRIDGES not WALLS.  Again, HYPOCRITE.Lastly, DACA was against the law.  Now that President Trump kicked it to Congress, it should be a no brainer to get some verison passed.  So President Trump did the right thing, but of course the LEFT is turning it into a bad thing.  Once a version is passed in Congress, it's over and we can move on.
tutu(3 likes)Pope please stop throwing stones and judge not lest you be judge.  You sir, have one jurisdiction, and the President of the US ain't it.  He is not catholic.  Stop passing judgement!