While speaking to reporters at her Wednesday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders denounced ESPN co-host Jemele Hill's tweet describing President Donald Trump as a white supremacist as “outrageous.”

“I think that's one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make,” Sanders told a reporter who asked about Hill's comments. Sanders further suggested that Hill leveling that accusation was a “fireable offense” but refused to comment on why prominent African-Americans like Hill were making comments like that.

On Monday, Hill tweeted a series of attacks on Trump:

ESPN responded on Tuesday by explaining that it spoke with Hill, who recognized her comments were inappropriate:

Watch Sanders's comments below, via Fox News.

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Jeanne Complain to advertisers, they pay ESPN's bills, salaries, profits. Remind them that they complain about capitalism, but they hypocritically exist because of it. They accuse the republicans of having some kind of dependency on white supremacists. Reality is, the democrats are dallying with communists, and their numbers are far greater, and they threaten people with violence, when they are not stringing them along with lies. People need to say no to the divisiveness, no matter what side it comes from.
@JPObviously ESPN has become MSESPN. We don't want to hear politics on a sport cast, any more than we want to watch a surgical procedure while eating a lasagna dinner. It's fine to have a political opinion, but don't use your sport show as your platform. If I want political opinions I will turn to the appropriate channel e.g. Hannity, Tucker, etc. To balance her view she should call the two black SF players behind Colon K (yes I did spell Colin that way on purpose, not a typo) who have their black power fists raised as black supremacists. Imagine if it were two European American players with their hands held outward instead of in a fist. Imagine the outrage, yet when neo-panters do it nothing.  MSESPN's reprimand was because she didn't go far enough. 
lisaI heard someone today defending her saying that she used her twitter account and that she has a right to say what she wants to her followers. But, what this guy doesn't get is that she has all those followers because of ESPN, so again, here is another one abusing the public forum that is not theirs to use.  She deserves to be fired because what she said was slanderous and people have to start being held accountable for the things they say.  Free speech comes with consequences.