During Friday's “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” both Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest, conservative commentator Mark Steyn, agreed that American society was in decline partly due to librarians like the one who, suggesting that they had racial undertones, refused Dr. Seuss books from First Lady Melania Trump.

According to Steyn, the letter that Massachusetts librarian Phipps Soeiro wrote was “incredibly moronic” and “part of the dumbing down of American society.” After disputing one of Serio's complaints, Steyn lamented that “we are making ourselves a society too stupid to survive.”

Steyn specifically took issue with Soeiro's complaint that the main character in “The Cat in the Hat” had a bowtie intended to evoke imagery from racist, minstrel shows. In response, Steyn ran through a list of cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Porky Pig, who wore bowties. “Cartoon characters wear bowties. That's nothing to do with minstrel shows,” Steyn argued.

Carlson, who agreed with Steyn's characterization of American society, wondered whether American culture had “rotted” so much that the nation might fall apart. As he often does, Carlson targeted people in Washington, D.C. for spending too much time on tax reform and not enough time on cultural issues. “Maybe they should have paid a little more attention to stuff like this and a little less to capital gains taxes over the past 40 years,” Carlson said of non-profits in D.C.

Steyn agreed and said that the American educational system was its “biggest structural defect.” Common sense, Steyn suggested, was obliterated by American's lack of common perception of things like Dr. Seuss books.

“We're actually nuttier than the Nazis on this,” Steyn said of American culture's totalitarianism.

Watch Steyn's comments below, via Fox News.

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IntegrityImportant(16 likes)Article: "Steyn lamented that “we are making ourselves a society too stupid to survive.”'Something to think about. When we reach the point we want to destroy statues of flawed individuals who otherwise contributed greatly to the founding of this nation and confuse that with a statue of Joan of Arc, then we definitely have reached stupid on the thermometer of humanity. And to claim Dr. Seuss's bowtied characters proves racism is a ludicious stretch. May we find our way back out of this morass of nonsense! And may elitists like this librarian start turning on each sooner rather than later!This stat just popped up: The USA now ranks 30th in education but spends at #1. So we spend the most money on education yet we're already not so smart. For a country that claims to be the greatest nation on earth, ranking 30th in education is embarrassing. Perhaps allowing people like that smug librarian to teach has something to do with that. If her community is so rich she can act like a loser, then that's sad because why not take the books to a worthy school and graciously thank FLOTUS!
Morte206 (10 likes)One fish, two fishThis nut was quite douche-ish.
Dotty VP(8 likes)"WE" are not the ones making this nation too stupid to survive. It's the Dems and Libs doing it - THEY are the stupid ones telling everyone, especially Trump supporters like ME, that we are STUPID. Sorry pal - we are not the stupid ones. President Trump is trying to bring this nation together, which is a very difficult task due to 8 years of Oasshole. And Dr. Seuss is not racist. I am, 64 years old, and still know "If I ran The Zoo" by heart. My kids and grandkids grew up with Dr. Seuss and not one of my kids, grandkids or greatgrandkids are racist. And neither am I.