3 Charts That Show the Clear Message Republicans Sent America in State Elections This Year

Now that the shock of Donald Trump’s surprise victory in last week’s election has somewhat worn off, reality has begun to set in about how red the election really was. It’s left Democrats wondering, what went wrong?

Republican control of state governments during the Obama administration was often attributed to the American people’s desire to maintain checks and balances in the government.

On Tuesday, Republicans not only held onto that control but increased their presence, controlling 69 of 99 state legislative chambers at an all-time high and tying a 94-year-old record with 33 governorships.

Maps published by The Washington Post show that Republicans will have complete control in 25 states and partial control in 20 other states.

Image Credit: The Washington Post

Only half of America may have voted for Donald Trump, but come 2017, roughly 80 percent of Americans will be living in a state at least partially controlled by Republicans.

Image Credit: The Washington Post

The GOP will be celebrating the new year with a majority in Congress, a majority in the Senate, and a member of their own in The White House.

Democrats head into the next two years with no major gains in Congress and full control of only four states.

Image Credit: The Washington Post

This isn’t to say that Democrats didn’t have their own share of victories last week. Statehouses in New Mexico and Alaska were turned blue, and they took back control of both of Nevada’s chambers.

Democrats also increased their control in New York, Washington D.C., and California.

Still, the overwhelming defeat nationally makes one wonder about a popular narrative throughout the presidential campaign — that Republicans are predominately rich, white men who have spent so much time in their mansions that they’ve lost touch with ordinary Americans:



Overwhelming Republican victories in both the executive and legislative branches of our government on Tuesday may paint a different narrative — one that suggests Democrats are the ones who weren’t able to prove relatable to the American masses.

Although this election provided Republicans with the majority, if the Obama administration is any indication of future patterns, 2018 Congress and Senate elections may sway in favor of Democrats.

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