6 Pieces of Evidence to Show Anyone Who Calls Left-Wing UC Berkeley Riots ‘Mostly Peaceful’

Violent riots broke out at the University of California-Berkeley on Wednesday night, forcing conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to cancel a planned speech and evacuate from campus.

The protests turned violent almost immediately. UC Berkeley officials estimated that roughly 150 “agitators” arrived at the start of the protest, dressed in black, armed with weapons, and ready to cause chaos. Many asserted the group was associated with “Antifa,” an “anti-fascist” anarchist group.

It is simply inaccurate to describe the riots as “mostly peaceful” or even as a “protest.” Here are six examples of disturbing violence during the riots.

1. A defenseless female Trump supporter got assaulted with pepper spray:

2. A man was seemingly beat unconscious in the street:

3. Several banks were severely vandalized and looted:


There’s video, too:

4. Starbucks, a corporation known for supporting left-leaning causes, was destroyed and looted:

Starbucks is the same company that has vowed to hire 10,000 refugees in an apparent act of defiance against President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order.

5. Rioters literally lit their campus on fire to stop Yiannopoulos from speaking:

6. Rioters blocked traffic—but failed at least once and got ran over:

Hours into the riots, police were seen making arrests. It’s unclear how many arrests were made or how much property damage the city sustained.

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