6 Takeaways from an Interview with Donald Trump’s Butler of 20 Years

As the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump is best known for his larger-than-life personality and his frequent controversial comments.

But Independent Journal Review wanted to get a more personal look into the life of the real estate tycoon, so we talked with Anthony Senecal, a man who was Trump’s butler for 20 years.

Image Credit: Anthony Senecal

Senecal, who described his time while working as Trump’s butler as an “absolutely incredible experience,” revealed a lot about the billionaire that may surprise you.

1. How Trump stood out as a father:

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“No matter what Trump was doing, it didn’t make a difference.  When the kids came in the room, all of his attention went to the kids.

Even when they were away at school and a phone call came in, he would stop what he was doing and immediately take the call.”

2. On why you never see Trump in jeans and a t-shirt:

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“He had one pair of jeans he used to wear out to ski out West. When the skiing stopped, the jeans disappeared.

They sat in the closet for years. You’ll never just see him in a t-shirt and jeans, he’s going to be in a suit.”

3. On how Trump treated his guests:

Image Credit: Anthony Senecal

“He was funny with the guests. He would bring in a guest in and you could tell right away if he liked them or not.

If he liked them, he would take good care of them. If he didn’t like them, he would say this is such and such person to me, and then say – you take care of them.”

4. How Melania treated guests:

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“Melania is one of the most wonderful people in the world and she just has a heart of gold. She is very good with the guests.”

5. How Trump treated his staff:

Image Credit: Anthony Senecal

“The staff at his properties, they love him. The Hispanics especially love him. He is so good to them. He stops and talks to every individual.

He was really nice and always very generous to people. There were times when he would just randomly come up to you and give you a hundred dollar bill. I saw him do that with laborers who were building a spa once as well.”

And when I was getting some heart work done, he told me not to go back to my apartment. He wanted me to stay at the Mar-a-lago estate and recuperate. While I was recuperating, he had his staff fixing all my air conditioning at my apartment.”

6. How Melania treated staff:

Image Credit: YouTube

“I remember when my sister was dying of cancer, and she was down there with her son Barron, so I stuck close to the house. So I never really got to see my sister.

But then Mrs. Trump found out about her dying of cancer, and she said, ‘I can take care of myself, I can get any kind of food, you don’t have to stay here, I want you to go and be with your sister.’ My sister died ten days later.”

Senecal also explained that Trump told him to “retire is to expire.” Once Trump’s butler, he now works as the historian for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, one of the largest estates in America.

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