Today in Trump Tweets: ‘What About All the Other Phony Stories’ and Fox News Retweets

Early morning tweets have become a common occurrence with President Donald Trump, and Tuesday morning was no exception. The president started the morning criticizing CNN over the resignation of three journalists for their roles in a now-retracted story regarding Trump and Russia:

The president continued his harsh words for the news network when he retweeted a meme calling CNN “fake news”:

After hitting CNN, the president’s attention turned to “Fox & Friends,” the Trump-friendly morning talk show. The president retweeted the show four times.

The first tweet was a clip of conservative radio host Mark Levin:

The next tweet was a story about conservative anchor Sean Hannity:

Next, the president RT’d a Fox News piece about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton:

Finally, Trump added a clip about his own nomination of Christopher Wray as FBI Director:

After “Fox & Friends,” Trump retweeted Fox News’s Eric Bolling in promotion of the conservative anchor’s new book:

Finally, the president returned his attention to CNN, and claimed the network is looking into management changes due to failing ratings:

No word has come from CNN regarding any changes in management.

The president then continued by broadening his claims of who exactly is “fake news”:

In the past, the White House press team has been reluctant to provide further insight into the president’s tweeting. An on-camera briefing has been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon during which Trump’s early morning tweets may be brought up.

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